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A Fine day on the Farmy

It was a grey chilly day.  Almost no direct sunlight.  It is funny how even the tiniest shaft of sun can lift our heads. Yes, this is the same peacock. The Duke of Kupa’s train is growing so fast! This has surprised me, I… Continue Reading “A Fine day on the Farmy”

Charlotte begins her Slow Recovery. Because I said so.

Yesterday, I called the vet to talk about The Shush Sister Charlotte, who is still walking very wonkily.  And not often. She lists to the side like a sinking container ship.  But the vet was out for the day and would not be back… Continue Reading “Charlotte begins her Slow Recovery. Because I said so.”

Charlotte not much improved: vet today.

Peaceful day on the Farmy.  Later in the day the sun came out, and the wind dropped right away. Poor Houdini can’t even have her dust bath in peace. Mama has been doing a fence inspection and is not impressed. Charlotte is still limping… Continue Reading “Charlotte not much improved: vet today.”

Charlotte the Pig is Feeling Poorly

She has started limping quite badly. And a fat pig limping is a very sorry sight.  It is  one of her back legs below that rather large ham of a butt-hock. Sorry Char had to say it. I have called around and on occasion… Continue Reading “Charlotte the Pig is Feeling Poorly”

NaNoWriMo – Let’s Take our Characters for a Walk: Everyone can Play!

When I was a teacher of drama, in a high school in New Zealand, we would frequently devise characters for  improvised plays.  One of the exercises, when we were devising, was called Take your Character for a Walk.  Everyone in the classroom would assume… Continue Reading “NaNoWriMo – Let’s Take our Characters for a Walk: Everyone can Play!”

Big Dog’s Coat of Not Many Colours

It was cold today. I mean not too cold.  My words are too short. I feel I should be writing something poetic about the approaching winter and I know that Smidge would say this with a whole lot more elegance and poetry but there… Continue Reading “Big Dog’s Coat of Not Many Colours”

Decisions: Managing the household and farm during NanoWriMo

I have made a few decisions. The hardest decision is to give up my night time White Russian made with home made Coffee Liquer and raw milk. We will not discuss the Vodka as it is against the law in America to have a… Continue Reading “Decisions: Managing the household and farm during NanoWriMo”

The boy, the Tree and the Fence

Summer feet smell different. Sturdier, rugged,  a shiny honest dirt smell.  At the start of summer we inch and pick our way in  bare feet across the stones to the sand. By the late summer we stream barefoot across the carpark, through the beach… Continue Reading “The boy, the Tree and the Fence”

Hush.. tread softly.. lest you tread on my words

Miss C is writing so keep it down! Yes, that means you!Be careful where you put your feet. My words are all over the place. I am gathering them up into something coherent today.   This story was not that funny at the time… Continue Reading “Hush.. tread softly.. lest you tread on my words”

Sitting in a laundry basket of wet washing – a story

Yesterday my blog reading took me from one page to another and eventually led me to one of my own stories.  I am not sure what it illustrates or why it started to peck at the inside of my head until I wrote it… Continue Reading “Sitting in a laundry basket of wet washing – a story”