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Tribes and Flocks. I guess tribes have more brains but we all behave the same. As the number of birds on the property has grown I have noticed an interesting phenomenon.


Don’t read too much into my headings. They are often ( usually) cryptic and probably ( always) without thought. Yesterday’s ‘throw in the towel’ heading was part of my discussion about the endless RAIN!


Of both my worlds. A little of both my worlds. Don’t we all live with our feet in more than one camp – that is life right?


And all the tractors are out in the fields planting as fast as they can. Literally twenty-four hours a day – I hear their motors all night long Their headlights criss crossing back and forth like fat noisy determined fireflies.


While I am milking Tane sticks his furry nose under the door and talks to me. Like an animated head suspended from a string. Milk. Milk. Milk. He chants.


Night chores are really late evening chores but night chores is easier to say. And during last evenings night chores I separated Tia and Del. Tia goes into a big pen of her own in case she calves in the night. ( Wouldn’t that…


An Easterly wind blew hard all night long. This meant I closed the chickens big door and also Molly’s big Easterly facing door. Temperature and wind are my greatest allies and enemies. Sometimes all at the same time. But wind is the worst. Little…

The Australorps are in the big brooder with random branches, learning to roost. They are still very sweet birds. The electric fences are up so Tia and Aunty can go to graze in the Dairy Mistress field. Though the paused for a long time…


So, the chicks have arrived but not the ducklings. Both were due Friday so hopefully the ducklings come today. The chicks are Black Australorps.


Yesterday afternoon I was down the back spreading the compost on the asparagus beds. One down. Five to go. Some of the compost is still frozen solid. Anyway after I had finished my goal for this job, which was one bay, I wandered back…