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The Damp

Although the flood waters have receded the ground is so wet that every morning the dew is heavy and the sun rises into misty wet air. The humidity is saturating. We have not had a full hot drying sunny day in weeks. The clouds… Continue Reading “The Damp”


I know. As well as all the other stupid techy problems I have been having then WordPress shut me out asked for my password then would not accept it and then would not accept the new one, then shut me out for a couple… Continue Reading “SHUT OUT”


And we all weedily grow. Lankily. In adolescent stages. 


WELL, Almost everyone.



Polling day –

So this morning I thought I would ask you a few multi choice questions about your experience here. It will only take seconds. Even if you have never commented before I would love you to join in.  It is a mix of a bit… Continue Reading “Polling day –”

Meat and Eggs

Yesterday’s day seemed brighter and longer. We had sunshine and still air. It really was a great Day One for 2017. I decided to take it as a good sign. The shortest day much have crept by  in the gloom without even ringing the… Continue Reading “Meat and Eggs”

A question?

Three sleeps until I climb onto a plane to Canada for the first of my winter Travels. My first trip will be up into the mountains behind Calgary, Canada. Up to Canmore, a small skiing town. My son works on the ski fields up… Continue Reading “A question?”

Little Pig in the House

This little piggy stopped eating and stopped getting out of bed. He was hunched and lethargic.  The others would push and pull eating at the food and by lunchtime he would just stand still while they jostled him this way and that. Just like the… Continue Reading “Little Pig in the House”

A Touch of Ice …

… is enough. A touch of ice is enough to scare this girl who grew up on a new Zealand beach. My new truck with four wheel drive has saved my bacon twice in the last two days.   Though I do not start… Continue Reading “A Touch of Ice …”