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I don’t really know why I wrote Wind in the heading as there is none this morning. In fact, living in the depths of the Mill 12 hours a day I cannot even really comment on whether we have had a lot of wind… Continue Reading “Wind”

Maybe, just pictures today? Storms everywhere. Globally. Locally. In the Sky. In my Heart. The Pig Garden. The four took all day to wander across from their spring garden to their summer garden. There is so much foliage in there we may not see… Continue Reading “”


We have lost the wee fellow on the right he died in the night but these are such sweet shots I thought I would share. Please don’t be miserable. And after such a rocky start he needs a proper goodbye.


Yesterday I cut up a couple of big buckets of heirloom tomatoes and made a smooth silky tomato sauce to go over pasta while watching Sam’s gardening utube on the computer. I was preparing for lunch with a friend I had not seen for… Continue Reading “TOMATOES IN THE KITCHEN”


I am quite sure Molly is pregnant. Well, kind of quite sure.


Yesterday was an ordinary day in that people arrived, people left, a few stayed, ducks pushed their boundaries, Molly  came home,  it rained, plans changed, morphed, reorganized themselves – an ordinary day. But the images I  collected for you in the last of the… Continue Reading “JUST LOOK”


As I had extra help yesterday I decided to move the ducks to their permanent area. There is no house for them yet but they had been too long in their out of the way holding pen. Time to get them into the action… Continue Reading “DUCK DRIVE”


Or four and a half inches of rain depending on your preference. My titles seldom make any sense. I write almost every day and never get around to putting thought into my titles. 


The air is hazy with muggy, sticky, humid heat. 


Though these images do look lush, I still do not have a lot of feed. Yesterday I began to mow the plentiful thistles though. There seem to be more than ever this year. The ducks are very hard to get a shot of. They… Continue Reading “DEL’S MOB”