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Nelson has to go. Outside.

As soon as it warms up, Nelson, the rabbit, has to go. Outside. Outside with all the other badly behaved animals. To date Nelson has been going in and out of the summer porch (then the weather turned cold again and the door shut)… Continue Reading “Nelson has to go. Outside.”

Saving the Planet – or – saving the People on the Planet.

This was my first thought this morning. Facing the possibility of the planet reclaiming the earth back from the people sounds like a fine plan to me. Almost comforting. Not a popular thought obviously! But would it be such a dreadful thing if the… Continue Reading “Saving the Planet – or – saving the People on the Planet.”

The Rooster on the Porch

Roosters have their own territories, especially roosters who do not have a flock of chickens. And often (here on the Farmy) a lone rooster will attach itself to an animal. At least to the area that a particular animal lives in and the promise… Continue Reading “The Rooster on the Porch”

Good morning WaiWai – Rescue Pig

In Maōri wai means water. Wai Wai is a rescue pig and a burns survivor and skin needs a lot of water which is why I called him Wai. When we first rescued him he was dying from his burns, he could not walk… Continue Reading “Good morning WaiWai – Rescue Pig”

Proud of You I am

All up we raised $3,000 for our neighbours in New Zealand. My family thanks you for joining us in this endeavour. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Because we are all neighbours. So I wrote us a poem. It has nothing… Continue Reading “Proud of You I am”

💦I grow sprouts for my chickens in the shower!!

Yup – as my shower warms up it is washing the sprouts. Sprouts are the best food for your chickens (and pigs) and you can sprout any grain loitering in the back of your cupboards. I have wheat in the fields so that is… Continue Reading “💦I grow sprouts for my chickens in the shower!!”

25/75 Easy Meat Loaf + NEWS

I strive for meals that are 75% vegetable and 25% protein . And of course locally grown – or grown yourself is even better! This meat loaf is simply 25% locally grown protein and 75% vegetables + 2 small fresh green eggs! BOOM MEATLOAF… Continue Reading “25/75 Easy Meat Loaf + NEWS”

Rescuing Wild Birds with Trees

. Sometimes I can’t even think of a title so I write what I am thinking. Which in itself is probably the most backwards sentence I have ever written. We are down to two cats now. Two old cats. Lulu and one of the… Continue Reading “Rescuing Wild Birds with Trees”

The Taste of Home

I was listening to the radio in the car the other day and at the end of the interview the interviewer posed a question. “What is the taste of home for you?” He said Hush Puppies were his taste of home. I thought hush… Continue Reading “The Taste of Home”

Little Hiccups along the Road

The family has been busy these last few weeks minding The Matriarch who had a fall. You know how these things are. But with a very determined and positive attitude she is well on the way to a complete recovery. But the first few… Continue Reading “Little Hiccups along the Road”