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Establishing Order after Winter Changed Things

Farmers and gardeners spend a good deal of their time (and sleep) planning the changes. Trying to establish some kind of order on a sustainably managed property with so many moving parts is a tough task. And sustaining those changes is difficult. We need… Continue Reading “Establishing Order after Winter Changed Things”

Did I tell you? Why I Hate March!

A New Zealand Winter has finally arrived. In March. In Illinois. New Zealand winters are damp, and cold, and wet. And long. The Illinois March is too damn long. Which is why I hate March. March in Illinois has snow, rain, wind, sun, cold,… Continue Reading “Did I tell you? Why I Hate March!”

5 Notes for a Post Winter Clean Up List

Our midwest winter brought a few frozen duck waters, minor mounds of snow, a little slippery ice and some cold temperatures. The fire kept up and I did not have freezing fingers once this winter. Frankly it was a pathetic attempt for a midwest… Continue Reading “5 Notes for a Post Winter Clean Up List”

A little Sunday Story

It has rained and rained. Now it is snowing! Honestly it feels more like New Zealand than Illinois right at the moment. The cows are locked up off the sodden fields and have no patience when they see one of the ‘good’ bales come… Continue Reading “A little Sunday Story”


Colour spelt with a ‘u’ – colour not color. Many words in American have ‘u’ removed. But English travels and like all languages is endlessly evolving. We can choose our spelling! The chickens laid us an egg yesterday so I made gnocchi. I am… Continue Reading “LETTING COLOUR IN”


This morning I spoke at an organic grain conference. It went well and I had a good time. Putting the 160 into organic crops has certainly opened the door to hew opportunities. The ice was heavy yesterday. And the light low. However today the… Continue Reading “AWAY AWAY”


52f was much anticipated after enduring minus 26f but it turned out to be a bit dull!


I almost cried this morning when I woke – checked the temperature and found that it was only -17f ( -27c) – the forecast was calling for -26f and after struggling through yesterday I was in despair.


I am just so grateful that this drift down into deep freeze is only for a couple of days. Some people choose to live in temperatures like this. Not me though. I am not set up for it.


PIglets in a second but first I was watching the blowing snow through the green of the glasshouse as I watered the plants being grown for summer consumption. It is an interesting lesson in the juxtaposition of seasons.  Spring piglets in the barn. Snow… Continue Reading “PIGLET PICTURES AS WINTER DESCENDS”