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The wheat has been harvested and my fields have lost their romance. The wheat has gone. It was here – so beautiful and now harvested and collected and gone to be tested for all manner of things before the women at the Mill turn… Continue Reading “Endings”

Maybe, just pictures today? Storms everywhere. Globally. Locally. In the Sky. In my Heart. The Pig Garden. The four took all day to wander across from their spring garden to their summer garden. There is so much foliage in there we may not see… Continue Reading “”


“Is the wheel supposed to look like that? On a funny angle like that? Is that normal?” John had just got back from work. I needed him to look at the back wheels of the four wheeler before he got to the house and… Continue Reading “OLD GEAR”


The ducks are responding really well to their permanent quarters. Living in close proximity to the other birds and pigs has made all the difference. Not to mention me dragging my hoses through here twice a day.


The humidity is getting into my brain and turning it to mush. 


ONE DROP MEADOW. My son the film maker has quit his day job, and following his dream, has begun a series of UTubes about the transformation of his Wellington, New Zealand garden from jungle to paradise. One Drop Meadow.


I wonder – does good morning mean it IS a good morning or I wish a good morning for you. 


Yesterday Valerie and I moved the four hogs into the big Pig Pasture. Relocating pigs really is like herding cats. But eventually all four were in the field. It is high and thick with vegetation. They will not need much grain at all in here… Continue Reading “LIKE HERDING CATS”


IT rained last night so no cutting hay today.  I have the fear. I think I am losing my nerve for hay. But every few days there is a chance of rain and if it is over 40% the risk is too high.


I cannot tell you how excited I am with the pig pastures. The growth is marvellous and since I placed both the SIX and the FOUR into their new pastures I have had to cut down on their grain, they are putting weight on… Continue Reading “ENAMouRED WITH GReeN”