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How long since it rained at your place?

We daily lifestyle bloggers are lucky because our blogs read like journals and for farming bloggers the weather is one of the most important notations in our journals. So, all I had to do was scroll back to see when we last had rain.… Continue Reading “How long since it rained at your place?”

The Battle of the Pond

Creating a backyard pond without the use of chemicals is all about using running water and life forms to maintain a kind of pond equilibrium. A balance of fishes, frogs and plants and people and moving water. Ponds without a water source are not… Continue Reading “The Battle of the Pond”

Planting By The Moon

Tonight is the full moon. The time for harvesting not sowing or planting. The best moon for planting is the new moon. Of course there are many theories behind why we might garden by the moon. I personally think that it is the pull… Continue Reading “Planting By The Moon”

What frog sounds like this?

Or is it a toad? It can’t all be beautiful pictures. Though let us stop for a moment to admire the chickens in the weeds. Every now and then we have to listen! And you know I love recording sounds. I was out on… Continue Reading “What frog sounds like this?”

Leave it up to the Cows

The flies have arrived with the heat. Though you would not know it from this idyllic image of wheat in the sunset. Flies are hell for cows so this beastie got under an old jacket I had hung in the tree. I re-purpose sacks… Continue Reading “Leave it up to the Cows”

Last Duck Standing

The last duck on the property is sitting on her chickens eggs with lazer focus. When I pass by her sitting on her nest in the blue plastic tote tipped sideways she ducks super low, camouflaging herself into the old straw. She is actually… Continue Reading “Last Duck Standing”

Plant the trees and they will come

The kitchens garden is all about planting and growing. Trees, bushes, all of it. Wild fairy gardens. No Mow Lawns. Wilding fields. We are 17 years in and already this little property has become a kingdom of movement and sounds and rustlings in and… Continue Reading “Plant the trees and they will come”

The most natural air freshener ever

Other than opening the windows and doors? The most natural air freshener in the world is 179 bales of freshly cut hay stacked into the barn. Hay has this newly mowed grass crossed with bright notes of sunshine kind of scent. If we could… Continue Reading “The most natural air freshener ever”

Blueberry Hunting – Literally

We got up as early as we could – it being a Sunday and the kids needing a sleep-in except for the kids that didn’t want a sleep in and and got up at 5.30 am regardless. But we did try to get out… Continue Reading “Blueberry Hunting – Literally”

Are your vegetables more expensive this year?

My son sent me this picture from New Zealand of a kumara (NZ sweet potato). Not strictly a vegetable but (you get the gist) they cost $14 NZ a kilo (a kilo = just over 2 pounds) so this kumara cost $6.12 NZ which… Continue Reading “Are your vegetables more expensive this year?”