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We need an artist

Th-is hazy dry morning brings a post with many images and few words. We don’t always need words right? “Tell Miss C not to take photos of cows when they have something in their teeth. It is just not cricket, sir.” Or maybe this… Continue Reading “We need an artist”

Building fences with BooBoo

Fencing is my least favourite job. But BooBoo is always happiest outside with me. Ton is not fond of fencing because he hates loud noises (especially when I am driving in the fencing posts with the post bommy-knocker thingy) and he will always race… Continue Reading “Building fences with BooBoo”

5 Notes for a Post Winter Clean Up List

Our midwest winter brought a few frozen duck waters, minor mounds of snow, a little slippery ice and some cold temperatures. The fire kept up and I did not have freezing fingers once this winter. Frankly it was a pathetic attempt for a midwest… Continue Reading “5 Notes for a Post Winter Clean Up List”

Proud of You I am

All up we raised $3,000 for our neighbours in New Zealand. My family thanks you for joining us in this endeavour. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Because we are all neighbours. So I wrote us a poem. It has nothing… Continue Reading “Proud of You I am”

25/75 Easy Meat Loaf + NEWS

I strive for meals that are 75% vegetable and 25% protein . And of course locally grown – or grown yourself is even better! This meat loaf is simply 25% locally grown protein and 75% vegetables + 2 small fresh green eggs! BOOM MEATLOAF… Continue Reading “25/75 Easy Meat Loaf + NEWS”

Ice and Frigid Air

It is fiercely chilly out here on the deserted rural midwest this week. Out on the tundra. Fierce chilly. But it does make for some incredible shots. Just photos today I think. They speak for themselves. I am cold everywhere and would like to… Continue Reading “Ice and Frigid Air”

ALL Those Things

The holidays have always been a difficult time for me and for many of you all too. I tend to either Clam Up or just turn into a mumbling grump. This time I think I just got on with it and dealt with the… Continue Reading “ALL Those Things”

A Simple Friday Dinner

At home. A simple Friday dinner at home. Fridays deserve super easy nourishing dinners. (And a glass of crisp white wine!). Baked acorn squash! You can use any little pumpkin. I love acorn squash for the lovely scalloped edges. Cut in half and scoop… Continue Reading “A Simple Friday Dinner”

Butternut and Spinach Lasagna

Lunch on a leaf raking autumnal afternoon. Vegetarian lasagna. Some would call it a pie which is fair! A meal full of seasonal oranges and golds and deep green fresh greens. The vegetables caught between layers of summer tomato sauce, cheese, and home made… Continue Reading “Butternut and Spinach Lasagna”

Once for the Seat. Once for the Tree.

By this time next week I will be back on the farm. I am sure everyone will be mad at me for being away so long but every one of my destinations is so far from the other. I have used up way too… Continue Reading “Once for the Seat. Once for the Tree.”