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A Simple Friday Dinner

At home. A simple Friday dinner at home. Fridays deserve super easy nourishing dinners. (And a glass of crisp white wine!). Baked acorn squash! You can use any little pumpkin. I love acorn squash for the lovely scalloped edges. Cut in half and scoop… Continue Reading “A Simple Friday Dinner”

Butternut and Spinach Lasagna

Lunch on a leaf raking autumnal afternoon. Vegetarian lasagna. Some would call it a pie which is fair! A meal full of seasonal oranges and golds and deep green fresh greens. The vegetables caught between layers of summer tomato sauce, cheese, and home made… Continue Reading “Butternut and Spinach Lasagna”

Once for the Seat. Once for the Tree.

By this time next week I will be back on the farm. I am sure everyone will be mad at me for being away so long but every one of my destinations is so far from the other. I have used up way too… Continue Reading “Once for the Seat. Once for the Tree.”

The Sustainable Home

Time to crack down. In light of recent events – like the weather for instance – and our climate for sure – the concept of The Sustainable Home has been rolling around my head. The whole thing from architecture right through to waste disposal.… Continue Reading “The Sustainable Home”

Flying – the literal kind.

I am flying again. More and more my life is reflecting that girl in the red coat with a string attached to a balloon. Next is my favorite shot from San Antonio. Do the river walk at midnight! Today I am off to Calgary.… Continue Reading “Flying – the literal kind.”

Talking Words

I am traveling again. Today I am in Austin, Texas. Hot. Hot. Hot. Like my Dad I am no good in the heat. But I love cities. Everyone needs variety so this morning we walked a trail through the Barton Creek Green Belt. This… Continue Reading “Talking Words”

New Turns no Twists, yet.

Well, if you know me at all you will know that I can sometimes spin on a dime and change direction in a second. Living close to me can give a person whiplash. But life is like that, we keep moving and evolving and… Continue Reading “New Turns no Twists, yet.”

Mid Winter and More Gnocchi

Some pictures today. I need to get into the kitchen shortly and make the gnocchi recipe one last time. It is all about the method really. Then I will write it up and publish it on janiesmill.com – we are promoting Sifted Durum this… Continue Reading “Mid Winter and More Gnocchi”


Colour spelt with a ‘u’ – colour not color. Many words in American have ‘u’ removed. But English travels and like all languages is endlessly evolving. We can choose our spelling! The chickens laid us an egg yesterday so I made gnocchi. I am… Continue Reading “LETTING COLOUR IN”

Black and White

I am still in my black and white period. Though I do feel a brightening. I think subject matter has a lot to do with the success of monochrome images. With colour it is a much simpler equation. With black and white it is… Continue Reading “Black and White”