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The Beach

For the last couple of days we have been at the beach in Cambria, California. We got a little motel room and in the morning while all the sleepy heads slumbered, I dressed and raced over the road to find the beach. My heart… Continue Reading “The Beach”


I awoke this morning to the sounds of beach birds. My window is wide open to the scented sea air. The rattan blinds gently rocking in the sweetest of breezes. I am sitting in a big comfy bed, with my letterless laptop propped on… Continue Reading “GALVESTON”



Australia: A Beach

To reach the beach we walked through the bush from the house (in New Zealand and Australia we call the woods/forest The Bush) down a well maintained path that meanders across a reasonably steep hill and then through a lagoon until accompanied by the applause… Continue Reading “Australia: A Beach”

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips on the Beach. Nothing better on a beachy sunny day. Today we drive off into the country to set up the venue for Senior sons wedding. Lots to do yet! Life is good. Love your friend, celi        

New Zealand

I am here now.  Napier. New Zealand. We are there now.  It is spring. The festivities have begun.  I am up too early as usual. In a moment I will pull a few more clothes on and go for a walk up the beach –… Continue Reading “New Zealand”

Off to the Beach in the Valiant

Yesterday, Senior Son picked us up in his  Chrysler Valiant and we were transported across the hill and down to the beach.  For those of you who asked about the car;  this version was only made for Australia and New Zealand so it is… Continue Reading “Off to the Beach in the Valiant”

One more tiny story for mw&g – T on a bike

This is the last T story for a wee bit as the grapes are beginning to turn, and the animals need some extra attention with my grass going so much slower. It is still late summer ( I am quite determined about that) and… Continue Reading “One more tiny story for mw&g – T on a bike”

The day I melted Mum’s Silver Tea Pot- part two.

If you have just arrived and have not read part one go here first, then come back for part two. It is not long, see you back here soon.  I walked around Dads workshop wiping my nose on my arm. Dad usually had a… Continue Reading “The day I melted Mum’s Silver Tea Pot- part two.”