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We need an artist

Th-is hazy dry morning brings a post with many images and few words. We don’t always need words right? “Tell Miss C not to take photos of cows when they have something in their teeth. It is just not cricket, sir.” Or maybe this… Continue Reading “We need an artist”

Barn Swallows in a Banneton

No – I am not going to bake them like blackbirds in a pie. We have Barn Swallow nests all through the barns- I think they might be my favorite birds. And my constant companions as I work or walk in the gardens disturbing… Continue Reading “Barn Swallows in a Banneton”

Take your Magnesium in a Salad Dressing

What if you could take your vitamins and minerals as a dressing. Or as a salad. Or even as breakfast. If you think you might be short on magnesium – I am here to help. Magnesium is essential for: Thank you Chat GPT for… Continue Reading “Take your Magnesium in a Salad Dressing”

How’s your connectivity?

We are enduring a real problem with the internet out here on the farm, these last two days. And we are so close to launching the new website that, of course, we are going to have connectivity problems. It is Murphy’s Law, right!? What… Continue Reading “How’s your connectivity?”

Leave it up to the Cows

The flies have arrived with the heat. Though you would not know it from this idyllic image of wheat in the sunset. Flies are hell for cows so this beastie got under an old jacket I had hung in the tree. I re-purpose sacks… Continue Reading “Leave it up to the Cows”

Plant the trees and they will come

The kitchens garden is all about planting and growing. Trees, bushes, all of it. Wild fairy gardens. No Mow Lawns. Wilding fields. We are 17 years in and already this little property has become a kingdom of movement and sounds and rustlings in and… Continue Reading “Plant the trees and they will come”

Home Again … Jiggedy …

Lots of pictures today. Because. There is nothing quite like stumbling off a cramped shared-air airplane and straight back out onto the Midwest farm with its wide open spaces and air as sharp and clean as a whistle. And so much green growth. Everything… Continue Reading “Home Again … Jiggedy …”

The Boat Builders Daughter

Just one click and read my latest story. The Boat Builders Daughter. It is quite new – you have never read it before. And I am really proud of it so I would love you to read it and let me know what you… Continue Reading “The Boat Builders Daughter”

Easy Soft bread with whole wheat flour

A lot of kids eat my whole wheat bread and a lot of oldies eat my organic stone ground bread and a lot of everybody eats my bread and the loaf they request most often is CC’s Soft Sourdough Bread. It is still made… Continue Reading “Easy Soft bread with whole wheat flour”

Feeling Broken And Tired

Last night as I prepared for sleep the whole house was ON. Everyone was in bed drifting off but this modern little house continued to blink and whirr and carry on. The dishwasher. The clothes washer. The clothes dryer. Air conditioning. Fans. The ‘fridge… Continue Reading “Feeling Broken And Tired”