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Clouds can be so pretty and songful and worthy of guessing games – but not these clouds. These clouds are like a blanket of white grey from horizon to horizon- the colour of snow – a lid that is closed, ephemeral and full of… Continue Reading “CLOUDS”

Happy New Year Everyone

If I get back to the farm after a days work at the mill – – in time to see the animals, my favorite part of the evening is tucking Wai and Tima into bed at night. It is always dark in the barn… Continue Reading “Happy New Year Everyone”

Evening Light

Good morning everyone, The weather is on the turn and it is getting cold in the nighttime now so I have insisted that WaiWai allow Tima to sleep with him. Without Gentle Tane as a referee this will be a noisy transition but Wai… Continue Reading “Evening Light”

Steak and Butternut Pie.

I love pies. Not the American pies so much, though today I am making a lemon meringue pie like my Mum used to make, but just for the photo – my old comfort food from New Zealand is a good old steak pie which… Continue Reading “Steak and Butternut Pie.”


Good morning everybody! It is not Sunday it is Saturday but I have been having day naming issues all week. And I started this post last Sunday so that is why this post begins with: it is Sunday again and cool and overcast and… Continue Reading “YELLOW”

We lit the fire.

I have bits of half eaten pizza all over the counter after the family took their bites and left but the bread dough is still proofing. I have this theory about extending the period between adding the levain ( or yeast) and adding the… Continue Reading “We lit the fire.”


I don’t really know why I wrote Wind in the heading as there is none this morning. In fact, living in the depths of the Mill 12 hours a day I cannot even really comment on whether we have had a lot of wind… Continue Reading “Wind”

Sitting in Bed

Writing to you. I have reverted to an old habit of taking toast and coffee back to bed with me on a Saturday morning. I don’t go in to the mill ’til 10am on a Saturday morning so to just sit in my bed… Continue Reading “Sitting in Bed”

Summery Sunday

We had a sweet little Sunday morning, today. The sun was in and out and the temperature was perfect. We brought the cows back from across the way. The whole herd. Well – all five of them. John will work on the fences over… Continue Reading “Summery Sunday”

A rainy Sunday

When it rains I naturally turn towards the kitchen . This are the chickens when I let them out yesterday – apparently the ducks pond has nicer water! Ooo. Yesterday – I also shifted The Four from one field to another. Pigs shift very… Continue Reading “A rainy Sunday”