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Easy Homemade Dog Food

On Sundays I prep as much food for the week as possible. Dogs are omnivores. They need vegetables and greens along with their proteins. Like humans they need diversity in their diets. I do not trust the highly processed, colored dry dog foods. What… Continue Reading “Easy Homemade Dog Food”

Simple zuchinni pancakes

From the ORIGINAL Moosewood cook book (I am sure I have blogged about these before but with so many new readers I think I can return to them!). I eat these pancakes so often that the book is showing wear! These are my fav… Continue Reading “Simple zuchinni pancakes”

A little Sunday Story

It has rained and rained. Now it is snowing! Honestly it feels more like New Zealand than Illinois right at the moment. The cows are locked up off the sodden fields and have no patience when they see one of the ‘good’ bales come… Continue Reading “A little Sunday Story”

Warm Muddy Midwest Winter

It is Wednesday – the weather is grim here on the Farmy. Not freezing though – not yet anyway. But how much mud do we really need? The dogs are heartily sick of having their feet washed so frequently. The weather occasionally drops below… Continue Reading “Warm Muddy Midwest Winter”

Hang In There

You know the rule! I have to write the first thing that comes to mind INTO the header. And Hang In There was the first thing that came to mind. I have engaged a very talented young man to clean up The Kitchens Garden… Continue Reading “Hang In There”

ALL Those Things

The holidays have always been a difficult time for me and for many of you all too. I tend to either Clam Up or just turn into a mumbling grump. This time I think I just got on with it and dealt with the… Continue Reading “ALL Those Things”

Escaping the cold for the Holidays!

Good morning everyone! I am back in California for a couple of weeks to spend time with the children! Wow, the end of the year was so busy! All of a sudden we are singing Christmas Carols. And my son surprised the kids with… Continue Reading “Escaping the cold for the Holidays!”

TKG Sustainable Homes.

Tima got tired of waiting for her waitress to arrive!

Sexist Farming

No. Not sexier farming. Lordy – get your mind out of the gutter! Sexist farming. The hens and the roosters have been separated! All the boys have been left outside. And all the girls are in the hen house. I do not want those… Continue Reading “Sexist Farming”