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In Bed

I have decided this morning to quite simply lie in bed and do this mornings work here. It is a still and overcast morning after a night of gentle steady rain. Maybe it is going to be hot – I don’t know. After a… Continue Reading “In Bed”


Not a lot happening on the farm on this mid- summer weekend. The weather is hot and drier lately so John has been baling the straw left over from the wheat crop. As the cover crop of clover begins to take off, I think… Continue Reading “MUCH BETTER”

Too Hard To Say

Sheila lost the use of her back legs three days ago. I tried and tried to get her to stand but she could not. All through the night we talked about things, out there in the straw, as Poppy slept on. Sheila was sitting… Continue Reading “Too Hard To Say”


The wheat has been harvested and my fields have lost their romance. The wheat has gone. It was here – so beautiful and now harvested and collected and gone to be tested for all manner of things before the women at the Mill turn… Continue Reading “Endings”

Maybe, just pictures today? Storms everywhere. Globally. Locally. In the Sky. In my Heart. The Pig Garden. The four took all day to wander across from their spring garden to their summer garden. There is so much foliage in there we may not see… Continue Reading “”


Actually three sitting ducks. One beside the front steps, One in the woodpile, And one in the barn ( in the dark ). I saw her, she hissed at me from the gloom – but it was too dark for a picture. I bet… Continue Reading “SITTING DUCK”


You know how last time I wrote you a letter, I was talking about how I felt I was coming out of a long shambly walk down a long dark tunnel. Now I am standing out in the light at the end of my… Continue Reading “THE LIGHT?”

The Tunnel

I have been trying to write to you for weeks but every time I reread the words I wrote they seem unhelpful, foreign even. Written by a sad person. But here you are – a bunch of unrelated beginnings: I don’t know which days… Continue Reading “The Tunnel”


What the hell, right. No hugs. No kisses. No closeness. No faces. It is so loud at the mill- with two mills running 24 hours a day now and with masks on all the time – we have given up on casual conversation –… Continue Reading “I KNOW”

I need to tell you

That our poor old Tane died earlier this week. I am so sad for us and so glad/sad for his release. He was a good old fellow- I know that in the larger scheme of things and especially at the time of global stress… Continue Reading “I need to tell you”