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Yesterday I FLEW Back to The Farmy

I arrived last night, but I arrived without my luggage. Which is kind of annoying. Though the system is pretty well set up and I was notified upon landing that my bags were not on the plane with me. There are apps, codes and… Continue Reading “Yesterday I FLEW Back to The Farmy”

Once for the Seat. Once for the Tree.

By this time next week I will be back on the farm. I am sure everyone will be mad at me for being away so long but every one of my destinations is so far from the other. I have used up way too… Continue Reading “Once for the Seat. Once for the Tree.”

The Sustainable Home

Time to crack down. In light of recent events – like the weather for instance – and our climate for sure – the concept of The Sustainable Home has been rolling around my head. The whole thing from architecture right through to waste disposal.… Continue Reading “The Sustainable Home”

113F Here Today

I am back in Visalia, CA. ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN!!! It has been getting hotter and hotter and drier and drier. We have had only one short shower since March. So, the water council has asked us to use less water because it is… Continue Reading “113F Here Today”

Are All Mountains Blue?

Funny how colours are associated with emotions. Blue when we are sad and feeling blue. Red when we are mad. Green when we are jealous. “The green eyed monster.” I heard they have pink jail cells for individuals who need to calm down. Though… Continue Reading “Are All Mountains Blue?”

Flying – the literal kind.

I am flying again. More and more my life is reflecting that girl in the red coat with a string attached to a balloon. Next is my favorite shot from San Antonio. Do the river walk at midnight! Today I am off to Calgary.… Continue Reading “Flying – the literal kind.”

Talking Words

I am traveling again. Today I am in Austin, Texas. Hot. Hot. Hot. Like my Dad I am no good in the heat. But I love cities. Everyone needs variety so this morning we walked a trail through the Barton Creek Green Belt. This… Continue Reading “Talking Words”

The Irishman and The Silk Boxers

Apparently, Our Mum met The Irishman, who later told us the story of the silk boxers, in the hospital. The local hospital stood on the top of a steep hill capturing a vast panoramic view of the lagoon and the bay beyond. This day the bay… Continue Reading “The Irishman and The Silk Boxers”

Is a Soft Skill a Soft Sell?

Resumes. CVs. Cover letters. Interview Preparation. I am working on all this exciting stuff before I launch myself into the pursuit of my next career. But I am perplexed by the requests for Soft Skills. For a resume I am required to name a… Continue Reading “Is a Soft Skill a Soft Sell?”

Job Hunting while Bread Baking

What’s not to like! After gently un-threading my self and my profile but not my recipes – they are still there – from Janie’s Mill ( who will very generously keep my freezer stocked with flour – because I cannot do without my favorite… Continue Reading “Job Hunting while Bread Baking”