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Colour spelt with a ‘u’ – colour not color. Many words in American have ‘u’ removed. But English travels and like all languages is endlessly evolving. We can choose our spelling! The chickens laid us an egg yesterday so I made gnocchi. I am… Continue Reading “LETTING COLOUR IN”

Black and White

I am still in my black and white period. Though I do feel a brightening. I think subject matter has a lot to do with the success of monochrome images. With colour it is a much simpler equation. With black and white it is… Continue Reading “Black and White”

In Transit

Good morning the Fellowship of the Farmy. I am in California for the holidays. I apologize for not being available lately. I had a number of issues (wrong word), things (even wronger), unavoidable challenges? to deal with and my head space got crowded as… Continue Reading “In Transit”

Sunday Morning in December

My first Sunday off in a few weeks. The dwindling days of December 2021 are plodding off the calendar. 2022 is going to be the year of decisive action. No more making do. Here is my 24 seconds. With all this rain and generally… Continue Reading “Sunday Morning in December”

24 seconds out my front door and a recipe.

Here is my 24 seconds. Actually 29. But there you are – an extra few seconds to see the crunchy frost on the deck. 27F/2C. Sunny. Sunday. It is So Long since I posted a recipe. And I have been working on these rolls… Continue Reading “24 seconds out my front door and a recipe.”

24 seconds out my front door

I waited a little longer this morning. So there was more light. And much to my delight there was WaiWai out on a morning stroll! It is warm this morning – 45F and going up to 52F with a little breeze today so I… Continue Reading “24 seconds out my front door”

Full Moon Full Schmoon

Did you see this pic on my Instagram feed yesterday? It is not a conventionally pretty shot. The internet is full of the most amazing close-ups of this other worldly out of this world moon. But the juxtaposition of scrappy industrial detritus and perfect… Continue Reading “Full Moon Full Schmoon”

Video – 24 seconds out my front door plus a bunny bonus

There you are now. The leaves are blowing away. Basically it is cold and getting colder. The wind is up now and roaring outside. The weather will be grim today. Not for Nelson though- she has ventured way out of the glasshouse and is… Continue Reading “Video – 24 seconds out my front door plus a bunny bonus”

The Eyes Have It

I was in the city (Chicago) for two days this week. Oh, how I miss the big city. My visits to the city are usually to promote Janie’s Mill flour. I am carted from restaurant to restaurant by Sysco reps ( they are JM… Continue Reading “The Eyes Have It”

24 seconds out my front door

Actually 28 seconds but we needed to finish the movement. Watching the seasons change one week at a time! Have a lovely Sunday. Oh and look at this!!!! Nelson is also on the move! Who in their right mind would invite a rabbit into… Continue Reading “24 seconds out my front door”