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Video – 24 seconds out my front door plus a bunny bonus

There you are now. The leaves are blowing away. Basically it is cold and getting colder. The wind is up now and roaring outside. The weather will be grim today. Not for Nelson though- she has ventured way out of the glasshouse and is… Continue Reading “Video – 24 seconds out my front door plus a bunny bonus”

The Eyes Have It

I was in the city (Chicago) for two days this week. Oh, how I miss the big city. My visits to the city are usually to promote Janie’s Mill flour. I am carted from restaurant to restaurant by Sysco reps ( they are JM… Continue Reading “The Eyes Have It”

24 seconds out my front door

Actually 28 seconds but we needed to finish the movement. Watching the seasons change one week at a time! Have a lovely Sunday. Oh and look at this!!!! Nelson is also on the move! Who in their right mind would invite a rabbit into… Continue Reading “24 seconds out my front door”

Late harvest and a rabbit

Nelson the Rabbit is loving the glasshouse which is just as well as it got very cold this last week. She has chosen to spend her nights on a little blanket on the potting bench which I find an odd choice but there you… Continue Reading “Late harvest and a rabbit”

24 seconds out my front door

And there is a sunrise this morning! Can you see the subtle changes in the maple.? Today I am working on bringing in Nelson the Rescue Rabbit. We have decided he can live in East Wing junk room (with the door shut against Boo)… Continue Reading “24 seconds out my front door”

Personal Delivery

And still it rains. And here was I thinking that today I would begin my Christmas shopping and get some boxes in the mail for the family in New Zealand but no: look at this. Below. (Pointed out by one of my Instagram readers… Continue Reading “Personal Delivery”

24 Seconds out my Front Door

Week 3 46F / 7.7C Going to rain all day long! Looking forward to seeing what is out your Front Door! Good morning! Cecilia

Along comes Mr Cool

The cool is creeping in. The little glasshouse is beginning its slow move into winter. The house will get colder and colder ( the battle for the temperature gauge will be lost because I am seldom in the house) and it will never really… Continue Reading “Along comes Mr Cool”

24 seconds from my Front Door.

At the kitchens garden we are watching the seasons go past 24 seconds at a time every Sunday morning. Ordinary – unfiltered – unstaged – virtual travel. Just one take. All that good stuff. Once a week. On a Sunday. And you are invited!!… Continue Reading “24 seconds from my Front Door.”

Unpacking the Groceries

I am being watched by BooBoo and TonTon as I write because we can smell a skunk toddling off to bed (it is still morning-dark) and they are convinced that they should be allowed outside to give the skunk the ‘hurry up’. Not Happening!… Continue Reading “Unpacking the Groceries”