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So, you are thinking of Burying Food in your Garden?

My son called from the Central Valley in California last night and said over 10,000 acres of farm land in the Central Valley are under water. They have been underwater for too long. And they have not had the worst of the flooding over… Continue Reading “So, you are thinking of Burying Food in your Garden?”

The Damp

Although the flood waters have receded the ground is so wet that every morning the dew is heavy and the sun rises into misty wet air. The humidity is saturating. We have not had a full hot drying sunny day in weeks. The clouds… Continue Reading “The Damp”


To secure his corner in the sun room of the barn WaiWai goes to bed early. Usually about five pm. He settles himself right into the corner of the sleeping area, hugging the wall, as immobile as a very fat little rock. He lies… Continue Reading “PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE PIG”


The Kitchen Garden Retreat on Airbnb is toddling along quite nicely. I have guests expected today so it is all set up and looking so beautiful. I will bake bread and leave a loaf on the counter and a small bottle of fresh milk… Continue Reading “WILD YOU”



How to: BooBoo’s torn ACL

Diane, a founding member of the Fellowship of the Farmy who has been reading since the very first day of the blog asked me a question this week about her blue heeler who has a torn  ACL. (This link has a good picture of… Continue Reading “How to: BooBoo’s torn ACL”

Life’s criss cross

As long as it does not roll its criss cross over me!! The gardens are full. We go out picking for our dinner every evenng. Alissa is good at this. Foraging.   Wai slept under his sheet just a bit more than usual yesterday.… Continue Reading “Life’s criss cross”

Baby Crying

Holding back milk is something I never thought Lady Astor would do. But over the last week she has been letting less and less down for me on our once a day milking. And as you can imagine this has resulted in an udder with… Continue Reading “Baby Crying”

Crackling along

Because Wai The Armadillo Pig is not allowed outside in the sunshine during the day, I have opened up the barn corridors so he can roam about in there. Generally he does not want to go anywhere and I have to get out a… Continue Reading “Crackling along”

Shine then Rain

It was hot again yesterday, stinking hot, even the chickens declined the outside and stood about in front of their fan for the afternoon.  Though they still laid their two dozen eggs right on queue. The temperatures bleached the sky yesterday. The heat reached… Continue Reading “Shine then Rain”