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I brought a girl baby cow home by mistake.  This was not my intention. But.  Ah well.  I give in. She is not a Bobby so now she will have a name and join the heifers. This calf is the tamest calf I have ever… Continue Reading “oops”

Pig Vandal

Pig games are very simple. Pig brains are very simple. Contrary to popular opinion pigs are not all that intelligent.  At least mine aren’t.  Not as clever as my dogs and not as clever as a toddler.  No toddler I know is happy to… Continue Reading “Pig Vandal”

Through Dirty Windows

As opposed to dirty pillows of course.  All the cows have clean pillows now. Yesterday I changed your Point Of View so you could see what we see from the Loft windows. The attic of this small house has been changed into a loft with two… Continue Reading “Through Dirty Windows”

Through the eyes of a son

Today I leave Wellington and climb back on and off  …another couple of planes and head back to Melbourne, Australia. But before I go my Senior Son took Camera House for a walk around his Wellington garden. Tomato Sauce simmering in the kitchen and all.  Have… Continue Reading “Through the eyes of a son”

Wellington, The Pause

I am in Wellington, New Zealand for a very fast family visit.  Just two and a half  more days then I am flung back into the void. You have been here (Wellington) with me before and there are a lot of family things needing my attention in… Continue Reading “Wellington, The Pause”


Every morning after he has fed the chickens Hugo hooks up the trailer to his beloved ride -on lawn mower, cuts about 30 – 40 stalks of sunflowers  and driving about the farm,  distributes them between the pigs and cows and meat chickens.  Like… Continue Reading “Sunflowery”

Have you noticed …

… That most of the time my images have nothing to do with what I write.  Do you think this is because often we are watching what we are watching but thinking of other things at the same time? Multi tasking in the thinking… Continue Reading “Have you noticed …”

Hanging out

Last night – late – after a very long trip, Hugo arrived.  All the way from Avignon in France.  Just to hang out at the farmy for a few months. He is still sleeping. So today will be a bewildering day for him. The first… Continue Reading “Hanging out”

Gardening in the rain

Yesterday it rained. I am trying very hard not to make sarcastic comments like ” Rain? Really? You’re kidding.” More rain. Amanda was Kitchen Mama which meant I had hours to spend in the garden and it was raining but I just worked in the… Continue Reading “Gardening in the rain”

black calf in the black night

Last night I decided that I would begin the process to wean Naomi completely from her mother. So instead of letting her back with her mother in the evening I left her in her corner pen with  walls that come up to my chest… Continue Reading “black calf in the black night”