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24 seconds out my front door and a recipe.

Here is my 24 seconds. Actually 29. But there you are – an extra few seconds to see the crunchy frost on the deck. 27F/2C. Sunny. Sunday. It is So Long since I posted a recipe. And I have been working on these rolls… Continue Reading “24 seconds out my front door and a recipe.”

One of those quiet days?

I am having one of those days when I feel almost horizontal with quiet. Or at least I begin by being quiet / but you know how that goes. Do you remember these, Diane? It is all about the chooks and their chicks and… Continue Reading “One of those quiet days?”

The Damp

Although the flood waters have receded the ground is so wet that every morning the dew is heavy and the sun rises into misty wet air. The humidity is saturating. We have not had a full hot drying sunny day in weeks. The clouds… Continue Reading “The Damp”


The hogs down the back are getting big.


Of both my worlds. A little of both my worlds. Don’t we all live with our feet in more than one camp – that is life right?


I often find things when I examine images in the morning as I prepare them for publication. I think that is a jacket? On the post behind the peacock. I know exactly where my one work jacket is so it must be the woodcutters!


A more aptly named bull I have never met. Evidently this guy never misses a meal, makes lovely strong babies and is very gentle.


POPPY’S Six are growing like weeds. They were three weeks old yesterday and I am in no hurry to wean them so they will continue to grow like weeds. 


LET’S look at that picture again. I knew these birds would be photogenic but they are beautiful.


  SOMETIMES there are little Instagram videos that you just can’t miss. This is a milestone moment. I gave the ducklings a dish of water and they took to it – Like Ducks to Water!