Farm Daze

Pictures for you!

Today I am going to be outside pruning all the branches that are covering my windows. They are great in the summer for keeping the heat out but I want warm sun shining into the room for the winter to help with the heating.

The growth in the few months I have been away is astronomical. Everything has gone wild. There are some pathways that are totally grown over.

Some pathways are still clear.


The ducks are free now. No more locking them up at night. They sleep beside their pond at night. At the front of the house by the bedroom windows. Boo sleeps there, too.

No more duck eggs which is fine as they were impossible to sell.

Organic soybeans. This is a beautiful chemical free field.

Tima is locked up in the back field because she had been out in the fields eating soybeans as fast as she could. So, as usual at this time of year, she has put on way too much weight.

Now I am going go out and start pruning.

I hope you have a great Saturday.

Talk soon.


35 Comments on “Farm Daze

  1. It’s so nice to see the cows …and Tima sunbathing! It’s a shame people don’t want duck eggs, with the big yolks they are fantastic for baking. I love the fact that Nanny Boo is sleeping with his flock.

  2. What a heart-warming thing to see this morning. Thank you C- these images, and the memories they evoke are priceless.

  3. It’s so nice for us all to be back on the beautiful Farmy and see everything again! Just loving seeing the cows and their ‘feeding car’ again. And the gorgeous soybean field and the sunrises and sunsets over the farm. Super special!!!

  4. Everything looks beautiful & prospering. John & his family have cared well for the Farmy & its denizens during your travels. A great partnership.

  5. Such gorgeous pictures, thank you SO much. Sunsets, cows, Tima, ducks and Boo. Wonderful x

  6. Sun shine is a treat in the winter! Have a lovely day- your pictures are wonderful- make me smile and wish I lived next door to you! Cheers!

  7. You sound happy! Hands in the dirt again, animals to care for, trees to tame and beautiful organic acres to admire. The Farmy is welcoming its best steward back.

  8. I’d kill for duck eggs! But will settle for your photos which capture light and convey sense of place so wonderfully. Plants are amazing tool when we work with them to accomplish what the seasons require.

  9. Great pictures. Are the ducks fairly safe from those that want to make a meal of them and why no eggs if they’re outdoors. Hard to find? Or do they quit laying

    • Not many laying anymore. Plus hard to find. Ducks lay anywhere – in the middle of the drive, in the pond. Only a few will bother with a nest and only if they are sitting.

  10. Hi CC. Nature will always win and we can spend forever trying to control it but usually without success of course, among all the animals on your farm the one in which I am most interested is Wai. I hope he is still progressing well and keeping you amused.

    • Wai is doing famously – his skin is still very dry and scaly so I have started his creams again. But he has his little routine and seems very settled.

  11. Beautiful pictures Ce 💛 & lovely big windows for the Sun to stream in 😍

  12. So nice to see the farm before it’s covered in snow. My garden gets a huge spurt of energy in the fall, particularly when the evenings are cool.

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