Yesterday I FLEW Back to The Farmy

I arrived last night, but I arrived without my luggage. Which is kind of annoying. Though the system is pretty well set up and I was notified upon landing that my bags were not on the plane with me. There are apps, codes and tracking numbers and it appears that my belongings are on the way. Hopefully today.

Don’t you just love apps!

I keep a selection of clothes at each of my destinations so it is not dire. Except for the laptop charger. Interesting that chargers become my only problem.

Boo has literally not left my side since I arrived in the night. I kept thinking that the whole farm had a funny smell until I realized that it was Boo – following at my heel with his month old skunk smell. So he will be getting a shower and a good brush out later this afternoon.

Here is Boo giving me the stink eye for being away so long.

In my absence Ton has gone to live with John’s grown children across the creek. Typical of that dog. He has never liked living with BooBoo. So I will catch up with him later on.

In the background is the Fellowship Forest.

Look how big my trees are getting! There has been so much rain out here!

There has been frequent rainfall over this summer and a lot of growth, the fields are heaving with feed and the home barn is loaded with hay. I cannot see out my Goldilocks Windows, the bushes have grown so wild.

The cows are right down the back so I will go to see them later. Evidently there is hay down across the way but there is thick cloud cover hanging over everything like a guilty conscience, so nothing much will dry out today.

It’s chilly.

I might buy a couple more late calves. I will have a ring around this week. There is a ton for them to eat this winter.

Beans in Uncles Field this year. I will talk Our John into baling some soybean straw after this harvest. Winter feed needs to be diverse too.

Lots to do!

Talk soon!


31 Comments on “Yesterday I FLEW Back to The Farmy

  1. SO thrilled to read that you are back on the farmy. Delighted to start hearing about the animals and that you have plans already. Forest looking good too. Take it easy til you are back in your stride(ha ha, fat chance). Andy x

    • You are right! I have already created an outside run for the little pig that John mysteriously acquired. Moved the cows. Found the holes in said cows fence and begun pruning out the front.!!

  2. So happy to see you home at the farm!! And I’m sure Boo, John, Sheila are so thankful too! I’m thrilled to see my boy Boo ~ I’ve really missed him!! But missed you too Celi!!!
    Welcome home!!!

  3. Welcome home! And what little pigs did John acquire? Can’t wait to see everybody–especially happy to see the two pigs and of course Boo–but can’t wait to see Ton. The trees are spectacular!

  4. Lovely to see some Farmy images again, and all that amazing tree growth. Sometimes the eye needs a dose of lavish greenery. Sounds like some calves is just what’s needed – are you going for poddy calves or stores?

  5. Thanks for reposting, initially I got the ‘not found’ message also and I was keen to see how things at the farmy are looking. Fabulous! Wei pig is looking good too, but Booboo not looking so happy. Maybe he was giving you the stink eye for being away! Those trees look amazing, the whole place does really. Hurray for John too!

  6. It’s so good to travel and just as delicious to come home. We went 5 days before our luggage found us when my mother and I flew to Germany in 2000. I washed our clothes each night. Chargers always go in my carry on with the laptop, etc. I’m heading back to Portland for 10 days this weekend. It’s supposed to finally cool down there next week. 😉 Glad you made it back safe.

    • Oh no! I have also lost my baggage! We think one of the bags has arrived in a small local airport though as usual the reps on the phone say something different every time! So I am still waiting!

  7. Welcome back to the Farmy Celi! It looks so lush and beautiful! And yes, lots to do!!! I think Blue Heelers must be the most loyal of all dogs, so no doubt BooBoo will be your constant shadow. Good to see Tima and Wai Wai! Both still portly! 🙂

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