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We are the People with a Planet

How lucky we are to have a Planet. Its a big responsibility. – A planet all of our own. I said. – I write about how we can look after it. I said. There was a pause. – But, what should I do first?… Continue Reading “We are the People with a Planet”

Farm Daze

Pictures for you! Today I am going to be outside pruning all the branches that are covering my windows. They are great in the summer for keeping the heat out but I want warm sun shining into the room for the winter to help… Continue Reading “Farm Daze”

The Swamp

That is what they call our fields. The Swamp. When these acres performs the yields are magnificent but when the weather gets in the way this land ( rightly so) has a mind of its own. It is the lowest point for miles around… Continue Reading “The Swamp”

It’s Been So Long

I am popping in to test things out today and share a few photographs with you. I had a wee problem with a few trollers on the blog. They made everything sour. So I went quiet for a while hoping they would get bored.… Continue Reading “It’s Been So Long”


Because you all live in my yesterday.  Here are the skies from yesterday’s yesterday – the day before that day – they were magnificent. They seemed to want to speak or warn. Omenish. Full of portent. But the skies words were too slow. Too… Continue Reading “YESTERDAY’S YESTERDAY”


Why is this a bad thing?  I talk to myself the whole day – of course I pretend I am talking to the dogs.  But – however. Thinking out loud helps clarify things. In fact, thinking out loud is a good way to get… Continue Reading “THINKING OUT LOUD”


To secure his corner in the sun room of the barn WaiWai goes to bed early. Usually about five pm. He settles himself right into the corner of the sleeping area, hugging the wall, as immobile as a very fat little rock. He lies… Continue Reading “PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE PIG”


Did I tell you that our insurance company has taken the barn off their list and will not insure it anymore?  Is it insure or ensure? I must look that up. 


TIMA and Tane were so fascinated by the calf getting his little horns removed that they lined up like kids at a movie watching under the door.


That about sums it up.