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My yearly pilgrimage around the world

But the plane will fly whether I am on it or not. I say. I will plant two trees per trip. I say. Planes are still flying so surely it is not a problem. I say. I am not giving up seeing my kids.… Continue Reading “My yearly pilgrimage around the world”

We are the People with a Planet

How lucky we are to have a Planet. Its a big responsibility. – A planet all of our own. I said. – I write about how we can look after it. I said. There was a pause. – But, what should I do first?… Continue Reading “We are the People with a Planet”

Sustainable Spring Cleaning

Ready for Spring Cleaning the sustainable way?

The How

The How is In the Plan. Read on! And comment! For a plan we must have an objective. 🌟My objective is to create a resource for people who want to develop a home that aligns with their concerns for the welfare of the planet… Continue Reading “The How”