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D Minor

Only that Lady Astor and  the cats and I were listening to Handel when I was waiting for her to get over herself and come in for the milking yesterday evening. TonTon was there but he was not listening. He is a reggae fella… Continue Reading “D Minor”

Fallen clothing

It is the time of year when I start the day wearing a few extra layers.    No, you are not going to talk me into using the F word quite yet but there is a wee chill in the air when the dogs and… Continue Reading “Fallen clothing”

Good news and Lots of Sweetness

Marmalade still loves Boo Boo. But that is not the good news. We all know about the Marmalade and Boo Boo show! Everyone loves the new hay. But that is not the good news either. The Good news is that the Duke of Kupa… Continue Reading “Good news and Lots of Sweetness”

A Sad Post about White Cat whose Name Was Apollo

Between feeding the cats on the verandah in the early morning and my return from feeding the animals in the barn, White Cat had an episode that left him paralysed in his whole back half.  Some kind of embolism in the spine the Vet… Continue Reading “A Sad Post about White Cat whose Name Was Apollo”

Charlotte makes a run for it – ungrateful pig.

So yesterday on my rounds I took the piggies out into pats paddock to have a munch on the grass. They love good long grass and there was a little out there. Then with no warning, Charlotte, aka Miss Naughty, went for a walk… Continue Reading “Charlotte makes a run for it – ungrateful pig.”

Wherever I am – You are.

I was thinking, as I was working in the barn yesterday on the Winter Quarters, Bills Camera snuggled safely in the White Box where Things Live, at hand for that shot, that you follow wherever I am on each day.  You cannot wander off… Continue Reading “Wherever I am – You are.”

Our smallest crew member is M.I.A.

I am never sure how to tell you sad news. But I promised I would.  Tell you.  There are three promises I make for the The Kitchen’s Garden Weblog. 1. (Unless I tell you) All the shots you see are from the last 24 hours… Continue Reading “Our smallest crew member is M.I.A.”

Band Practice in the Barn as Sheep get Lost!

Easy to pick the lead singer and the bass player, there are couple of backing vocals,  and the screaming lead guitar.  The mosh pit. A groupie got lost in the grid, trying to sneak in.The manager is looking stern from the lighting box.And here is… Continue Reading “Band Practice in the Barn as Sheep get Lost!”

Sorry about the Bare Bottoms.

I got my wish yesterday and we had a lovely calm simple light filled day. Mary’s Cat and Minty shared a moment.  Mary’s cat is desperate to make friends. Though most of you will  remember the pictures on this page, when Mary’s Cat first… Continue Reading “Sorry about the Bare Bottoms.”