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How to: BooBoo’s torn ACL

Diane, a founding member of the Fellowship of the Farmy who has been reading since the very first day of the blog asked me a question this week about her blue heeler who has a torn  ACL. (This link has a good picture of… Continue Reading “How to: BooBoo’s torn ACL”

D Minor

Only that Lady Astor and  the cats and I were listening to Handel when I was waiting for her to get over herself and come in for the milking yesterday evening. TonTon was there but he was not listening. He is a reggae fella… Continue Reading “D Minor”

Under a cloud

A real cloud not a metaphorical one – thankfully. Tima is such a round barrel that her speed in this shot can only be determined by seeing TonTon (stick in mouth as usual) hurrying along beside her. When Tane hurries his movements smooth right… Continue Reading “Under a cloud”

Golden Fall

Autumn has come.  It came on fast actually.  The leaves held their green for as long as they could in this wet warm autumn. Now finally the trees have begun to turn their coats and the leaves to release their tenuous hold on life and… Continue Reading “Golden Fall”

All good

I have a surprise coming for Aunty’s Day tomorrow.  (I have always found Mothers Day just a little too Sugary for me – I much prefer Aunty’s Day).  And as my sister is visiting, and is The Aunty  in residence so we have an… Continue Reading “All good”

A garden in the city

Up the back of a lovely old house, on a hill in Mirimar, in Wellington, New Zealand – is a wild garden. Wild. You could get lost in this garden. So I did. (You can tell I am talking to my middle sister on the… Continue Reading “A garden in the city”

The View from the Coupe and the View from the Loft

Dinner is served every night at this table in the Coupe. We have come in from the covered verandah, it is a mite chilly in the evenings now. Our view is all corn. The  broiler chickens are nearing the end of their time here.… Continue Reading “The View from the Coupe and the View from the Loft”

Oh dear

We had a good old fashioned farming day yesterday. Mama and Mia were shifted into the rat house paddock, separated from the lambs now for a good while. Mia has gone for company and Mama because that naughty Meadow is still stealing a drink… Continue Reading “Oh dear”

Minty, TonTon and The chicks get some Retirement Home loving!

We were still setting up at the retirement home when the residents started arriving.  At one point I said to one of the nurses, wow there are a lot of people here and she said, Oh my dear, that is only one wing, there… Continue Reading “Minty, TonTon and The chicks get some Retirement Home loving!”

Maybe the coyotes just want to be friends. Making music for us in the night.

I went to bed last night after loading my pictures for this morning.  But I had no words in my head.  I looked at the writing book that sits beside the bed, it’s pen at the ready, then reached past it for the reading… Continue Reading “Maybe the coyotes just want to be friends. Making music for us in the night.”