Under a cloud

A real cloud not a metaphorical one – thankfully.

Tima is such a round barrel that her speed in this shot can only be determined by seeing TonTon (stick in mouth as usual) hurrying along beside her.

pig running

When Tane hurries his movements smooth right out. When he walks he barely uses three of his legs. Like Boo – when Boo runs he engages all four  feet but when he walks he only uses three of his legs.  Maybe speed somehow disengages pain for a second.

The little pigs who are not so little any more have a landing so they can reach their water.
pig and water

The chicks are just beginning to show signs of feathers, they grow fast at this age and have already been divided into two totes so they have more space.

Alex looks like she grew an extra hump for this shot.  And it is hard to get a “mouth shut” shot when they are relaxing and chewing their cud. Oh dear. But she is so beautiful. She looks so neanderthal this cow.

The peahens are roaming. Soon it will be planting time and then they will have to go into their peacock palace but I will use row covers and hold their imprisonment off as long as I can.

The carrots survived the winter and are growing.

I am late this morning. I lay in bed a long time, listening to the roosters crowing and stared at the ceiling with nothing in my head at all.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


48 Comments on “Under a cloud

  1. Perhaps the momentum means that Boo and Tane don’t have to put much weight on the bad legs, but that they are required for balance. I can almost see an Edweard Muybridge camera experiment to see how many legs touch the floor 🙂

    • When i was a little girl, I was stuck in the middle of a thistle patch, in bare feet – summer kids – the thistles had been nibbled down by the sheep and were quite low to the ground. I remember telling myself to run out really fast so it would not hurt. I did – It didn’t and I only got a few splinters i think – but i do remember thinking maybe I had been going so fast that i FLEW. I think your theory of weight makes a lot of sense – hmm.

  2. Ok, now do white hens lay white eggs and brown hens brown … or is that a city myth? Have a great day. Laura

    • That’s actually a great question! No, different breeds lay different colors. Some dark feathered breeds lay white eggs, but I don’t know if there is a white breed that lays brown eggs!

  3. Were your carrots under a row cover? They look wonderful, and will start growing like crazy with the warmer days and more light! That Tima is too adorable! I’d like to give that round barrel a big hug! 🙂

      • Yeah, it seems like the root crops fare best in the winter under row covers, and especially in your area where it gets much colder than down here. Next fall your have to put in the carrots, beets, turnips, and rutabagas. Goodness, here I am planning your garden as well as my own! xoxoxo

  4. Oh the CARROT TOPS looks so festive – I love spring GREEN! It is very gray here today. Weeds are turning green but ugly grey green – not vibrant spring green – but everything else is dull gray outside. Gray – 70+ degrees – and 80%+ humidity. Did you read Under the Dome by Stephen King? If you did – I think our day is looking like one of their days near the end. It was a good read – not uplifting in the least…. but it was interesting.

  5. Snorts – I love that cloud picture – and of course the piggies. You know I have a soft spot for the piggies. Where’s my Sheila? XOXO – Bacon

  6. Your KuneKune’s are so sweet! We’ve been thinking about getting a breeding pair but we have a lot of predators out here and I’m worried they would be “sitting ducks”. Funny. I don’t worry about our chickens falling victim~ though we have lost lots of hens to predators over the years. The little pigs seem so defenseless. Fat but defenseless. 🙂

  7. Spring is in the air! Interesting pictures as always. Wouldn’t it be fun if hens could lay pastel coloured eggs? Something to think about for you next lie in. Have a great day.

      • Araucanas lay blue, lilac and greenish eggs. And they come from a slightly different genetic tree than the usual domestic chooks, and have a tiny comb and no wattle. Beautiful birds with a wide variety of plumage colours, too.

  8. Araucana and Americauna chickens lay green or blue eggs — a given hen only lays one color, and apparently Blue Egg is a dominant gene, so you can get blue or olive eggs from even a half-breed! Here’s a couple websites that give some details:


    It’s warm here outside DC, and my garden is popping (crocuses, daffodils, witch hazel, wintersweet all going great guns, despite a morning frost yesterday!


  9. I want to say thank you so much to all who expressed their sympathy to me – especially to Netty, Chris, Eha, Aquila, John and Celi! So sweet of you. Thanks again. Yes, I am calm. Everything is as it has to be…
    Oh, this cloud over the Farmy looks weird… We had a (very short) thunder & lightning today with lots of heavy rain… Love the landing for the little ones to reach their water – you’re caring for all and think of everything, Celi.
    Thank you for this pic’s roundabout from today.

  10. I too love those deliciously sound-rich few minutes between waking (more woken by Max, the rooster) and moving. I slide the curtains aside just enough to see the hills to the west and lie there all cosy, just listening to my wee world wake up.

  11. Tima and TonTon are such a cute combination. Wouldn’t you just love to know what TonTon is thinking, looking at her?

  12. Does Alex meditate? Or pray? It looks like she tried to kneel but collapsed on her bent foreleg. Oooohh, painful if I tried that. But she seems peaceful, content, at home next to the old car. Great photograph. The contrasts say a lot: ancient creature muses over broken machine.

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