Where you see from

It is 27f/-2c right now as I write. But it is the morning and the temperature will rise through the day. Funny how 27F does not feel cold today – no fire – the only room with a heater is the tiny cloak room when the chicks are growing.  But I am dressing for the temperatures. And accept them. No problems.pigs

Yet in the summer, when we think of 27F,  we think of those temperatures as damn cold. When we have a shed full of fire wood we light the fire. Now that the woodshed is all but empty we just put on more clothing and wait.  And remind ourselves that the temperatures are rising UP from 27. The wind is in it’s morning calm.  It will be warmer soon. A little longer and the sun will shine through the skylights onto the brick chimney and my environment will warm me up.

So, not so cold then.2262

It is all about perspective. Our point of view. Where we view our point in the environment from. Where we sit. I wonder how many of our other statements could be mitigated if we clearly looked at where we are viewing our circumstances from. I often think that we are judged not on what we have done but on what we are perceived to have done. Truth is hard to see sometimes. 2264


The grass is getting greener.

On my side.

Today I begin to clean out the farrowing pen so it can be ready for Molly. I hope to soon bring her back from the West Side, where she has been living with the boar.  Though I don’t think she is due (at the earliest) before late March, early April. She was field bred, and no-one saw the breeding, which means I have no definite date. But I like the sows to make the farrowing area their home long before they go into labour. Keeping sows calm and feeling safe is very important in my farrowing plan.


I hope you have a lovely day

Love celi

Monday 02/27 10% / 0 in

Sunshine and clouds mixed. High 54F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph.


36 Comments on “Where you see from

  1. “I often think that we are judged not on what we have done but on what we are perceived to have done.” Very, very true statement.

  2. Lovely photos. Warmth coming…you can see it in the light. Your brain is ticking away at its meaty themes. Always a delight to encounter those thoughts as my mind grapples with its own.

  3. We have a warm week ahead, so will be in the garden preparing the raised beds for spring planting. We are eating the spinach, kale, carrots and onions under row covers, the garlic is doing well uncovered, and we have just planted peas and beets. 🙂

  4. You are absolutely right. One would feel freezing on a cold winter’s day and freezing in the Arctic. Pain, hunger, fear and any other feelings are relative to where we are now.
    Those pigs don’t seem to mind today 🙂

  5. Again – catching up on the weekend…. I know it is not replacement – but isn’t the technology we have great when we have family so far away? I think back to the immigrants back when written word was the only communication. And it was so unreliable…. How alone and abandoned that must have been. Happy Monday dear…..

    OH – I wonder what breed that one black chick will be? I love the ‘random’ chick in the boxes you receive.

    • Yes, technology is marvellous for keeping in touch. Yes that little chick – do you remember Pink the last little black chick. Which leads us to memories of the Bastard Mink. c

  6. The wildflowers are out early this year as we’ve had 70-85F a few days which is 20 degrees above normal. They way we’ll be back in the 50’s next week supposedly. A little cold is welcomed to keep the mosquitoes quiet a bit longer.
    If the sun is out in bright blue skies and there’s no wind, cold is not so bad…but if it’s cloudy and damp, a whole different feeling.
    It would be so calming accurate if people did realize/admit their point of view. That gets in the way sometimes. Especially when viewing the past and passing judgment using current ideas instead of in context of the times. I do wonder how we’ll be considered in the future.
    Oh, well, onward another week. Nothing is much cuter than a jogging pig although the wild ones don’t bring as many smiles. Have a great day , Ci.

      • While avoiding news/lecturing TV shows I’ve been watching stuff I recorded. The John Adams series has proven more interesting than I expected as it involved the beginnings of the constitution and government as well as influences/interaction with other countries from the beginning. I keep laughing – so little has changed. Before independence even people were annoyed and screaming about political parties being destructive forces and Russia was approach and sounded out way back then. (And France – what a place for aristocrats in that era prior to their revolution – which Jefferson became so involved in – which affected his actions here) Something else noted was while some were stuffed in skirts and set roles, many wives ran the farms and business while the men were away for years and years…no hot house flowers in those days or they would have all starved.)
        No doubt a great deal of fictionalized stuff in the script, but Adams, Jefferson, and Franklin did leave quite a bit of writing to use as base
        As you say, humans are such a drama…so many repeat performances…the names change, the actions the same…

          • You might also look for Royal Cousins at War (PBS) which is about Queen Victoria’s Children/grandchildren and how things set up for WW I. (There was a previous one in that series, but I can’t remember the name. It talked about how all her children spread out and how it affected politics of Europe. I was interested that Queen Victoria’s grand daughter (whom she mostly raised) was married to the last Russian Czar and she sent off with instructions to influence the Russian gov/Tsar in actions favorable to England/her relatives. I didn’t realize the bitterness of some of the cousins from Denmark towards the Germans and why. That cousin was never invited to summer with the others for family reunions in Denmark…and how his damage at birth really effected him – and how he operated once an adult. A well done show which clarifies a bit the whole messes now.
            Once again, the women were primary players and not as helpless as people make them out to be.
            I guess historical background interests me with the world growing smaller these days.
            Hope you can find some entertainment (There are 7 Adam’s episodes so far – that may be it for the HBO series. Tell you one thing, your vocabulary knowledge will get a workout. These characters were quite literate)

  7. “Truth is hard to see sometimes” … there’s my truth and your truth, I don’t think there’s such a thing as absolute truth, it’s all a matter of perspective

  8. We have at last struggled up to 23C today with a little sunshine. We have had 10 days of rain, wind and more rain and grey skies. Good news, our dams are all at full capacity for the first time in 6 years, but only in the Northern interior of the country. The Cape ( where most of the wine farms are situated) are still dangerously dry. The little piggies aren’t little anymore but look like they were having great fun 🙂 Laura

  9. Perspective is everything. It would be nice if we would control our perspective to create a calm environment. Making Molly comfortable in her farrowing area is such a sensible and humane plan. Enjoy your gentle spring.

  10. We had some lovely spring weather this past week before winter came back in. It is funny the perspective of what we feel is warm or cold. It felt hot but in a few months we’ll be wishing for that “cool” weather to come back. 🙂

  11. Interesting… just had a conversation with someone yesterday about different perspectives, or understandings, of the same thing depending on our individual histories and levels of personal development in different areas of life. The grass is always greener on your side, doncha know.
    It seems your daily temperatures fluctuate by a big spread from early morning to afternoon. Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

  12. ‘Tis with our judgment as our watches, none
    Go just alike, yet each believes his own.
    –Alexander Pope

  13. Our perspectives are relevant only to ourselves… seems a redundant sort of thing to say but it’s the corollary to “I often think we are judged not on what we have done but what we are perceived to have done…” And whether we have fallen short or somehow been elevated, it’s often a precarious pedestal upon which we, mere human beings, find ourselves misplaced.
    Thank you for the early morning contemplation, delightful piggies, all considered from my warm bed with a cup of coffee where your -2 C put’s the welcome rain outside into a doable perspective as I get ready to drive 80 kms to Tafe.

  14. Good for you for working with your animals, Celi. What a concept hey, allowing them to breed when they’re actually ready?; ) “Watching” them running toward you in these photos, it’s obvious they’re very fond of their mistress/ farm-mate: )

  15. History is always written from the perspective of the conqueror, a classic example of truth ‘adjustment’. I wish modern social custom would stop asking us what we ‘do’ and instead ask us what we are or what we think, or feel, or believe. So much more appropriate than popping us straight into a box on the basis of our employment! As for our forecast: North Tropical Coast and Tablelands area
    Partly cloudy. Medium (40%) chance of showers. The chance of a thunderstorm. Winds east to southeasterly 20 to 30 km/h (12-18mph) decreasing to 15 to 20 km/h (9-12mph) in the evening. Daytime maximum temperatures 27- 32°C (80-89°F). A good time to be in a camping trailer rather than a tent 🙂

  16. Sometimes the shaping or bending of the truth is gentler on a soul and heart than stark sun-bright facts. Again, it is perception and, in some cases, a kindness.

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