Baby’s Breath

In the night I slept and listened still to my baby breathing across the room.

My baby is grown now – a woman, yet I still listen with a maternal half ear, for a hitch or a broken breath. Still ready with a mother’s fight.

With dawn another day and another plane of the air beckons, turning our heads, so up we get and goodbye to each others corporal lives again for another while.  Caught smiles and wishful promises. Held tears. Turning back to instagram and txt and whatsapp and all those phone family savers on our tiny smart devices in our fast moving old fashioned hands.

Already planning – next time.

 it is 24F/-4C as I write at 6.30am in Chicago.

The forecast is  – Windy. Cloudy skies will become partly cloudy this afternoon. High 48F. Winds SSW at 20 to 30 mph.

I am off out into the streets of Chicago shortly to walk to the Metra station and begin my journey back to the farm. Back to the country and the good work.

Have a lovely day.


28 Comments on “Baby’s Breath

  1. What a joy, to create a human, raise her and set her on her feet, off into the world to do her thing. I never had children, and I do regret it, but I never met the Husband till it was too late… Still, I’ve enjoyed my siblings’ numerous offspring, and I have this aunting thing down to a fine art, now. Have a good day, Miss C, and may your heartstrings stretch as far as they must to keep your baby safe in your heart while she’s so far away.

    • As you know I love the big city too and today has dawned clear and is warming up – so I will have a good walk about the Sunday streets before wandering back down to the country – the trains are not so frequent on a sunday. c

  2. Ahhh, and “parting is such sweet sorrow”. Your chicks are sweet looking. Have a safe trip back to the farm and get busy… it will make time to remember the sweetness of the past two days. Hope you have a good day. ~ Mame 🙂

  3. I think it was Proust who called Goodbyes the Little Deaths. And yet as you say, our means of connecting are easier & faster than ever, which is a real blessing for you all spread all over the world.
    And you really do good & wonderful work & lovely new memories.

  4. I am lying in bed reading this while my 19 year old baby girl sleeps next to me. I don’t know when we treasure them most, when they are littlest or when we get to enjoy what lovely adults they have become.

  5. Once a Mother, always a Mother. The job never stops with age or time. Our babies will always be so even though they say 'Mother i am grown up now..i can do it by myself'…We are always there to lend an ear or share a heart even though we are miles away and seperated by mountains and seas….we are there always waiting…love to all  

    Sent: Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 2:48 PM

  6. I know how my parents felt when they had to say goodbye to me so many times. It was before devices , just letters and an occasional very expensive phone call. After so many many years I still see them holding back tears when saying goodbye.

  7. Aww Celi ~ a beautiful tribute to Motherhood! A loving Mother is always a Mother from the moment of birth until the last breathe. Once a Mother always a Mother. I lost my Mother 5 yrs ago ~ she was almost 90. I miss her so much. I myself have never given birth ~ but I was a “Mother” during high school as I was the babysitter of high demand from all the teachers and many other families. I was the oldest of 7 children so they knew I had experience from home!!
    I thought about you several times after reading your daughter was here ~ those special moments you were sharing ~ and then that final moment ~ the last hug and wave. But Boo and TonTon and Sheila and all the other “sons and daughters” are waiting for you!! So Motherhood continues!!
    Have a good one ~~

  8. Ah, yes. Letting them fly off is the greatest gift we can give to our children. It doesn’t make it any easier though. It’s raining hard here and will continue for the next 2 weeks. I hope it goes around you. Enjoy your quiet moments.

  9. It’s hard to say goodbye! I’m glad you had a lovely, though too short, time with your daughter. As a young woman in my twenties, the main thing that stops me from moving abroad (apart from my good, secure job which I enjoy!) to Spain is my mother — I think I would just miss her so much! But one day, the time might come when I have to fly off and try a new way of living in a different country….

  10. Mmmm – makes my heart ache for my own two ‘grown’ girls who are in their 40’s now. We still have ‘our’ time with hair brushings, cooking together, ten-day visits, things I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world! Me? I need more chix flix and piggy pix! Hurry home safely!

  11. Your last two posts, Miss C., moved me to think maybe there’s something to be learned from the transgender discussions going on in politics and the news. (Strange connection, right? But hold on.) You see, I am becoming jealous of mothers. In an odd way I wish I could be both woman and man, so I could participate in the intimacy that mothers and children have. I never experienced that close personal bond (i,.e., conversations, shared interests other than sports, “hanging out”time) with my father, nor with my son–the apple falling, and all that. But I have observed in my family and here in your reflections as well as in the lounge comments that mothers have far more intense relationships with their daughters and sons. At least I am developing a sensitivity to that, however late. Yet another reason I like reading this blog and others. Men I know don’t write or talk about these things, and I wish they would.

    • Albert- I do understand what you are saying and the fact that YOU understand what you are saying tells me a lot about you. You would be a most wonderful mentor for a young person. c

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