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How to: BooBoo’s torn ACL

Diane, a founding member of the Fellowship of the Farmy who has been reading since the very first day of the blog asked me a question this week about her blue heeler who has a torn  ACL. (This link has a good picture of… Continue Reading “How to: BooBoo’s torn ACL”


This is what happens when you survive the Polar Vortex. Your comb is burnt off, your wattle disappears, you lose the nails from your toes and sometimes the toes themselves. You are no longer pretty because maybe your tail feathers never grew back. But… Continue Reading “Survivors”

Sit, Boo-Boo – Sit.

Have you ever known a child who is perfect one place (maybe school) and a proper little devil in another place (maybe home).  I know a dog like that. His name is Blue.  We call him Boo.  Sit, Boo-Boo, sit. He is the opposite… Continue Reading “Sit, Boo-Boo – Sit.”

Peahens on the Catwalk, Kitten in the Garden

Pania and Tui. Posing for the paparrazi. Signatures later! Maybe. Lots of flat-out farm work again yesterday. Working on the little hoop house, and bringing in as much produce as is left in the gardens, tonight it is meant to freeze down to 35F… Continue Reading “Peahens on the Catwalk, Kitten in the Garden”

Life goes on …

But without the Little Kitten I am afraid. I wish I could give you better news. He died while sleeping in the sun yesterday morning.  In all the time he was here he never really woke up. His eyes seldom opened. He weighed little… Continue Reading “Life goes on …”

I promise this is the last of the “Oh, oh, that is so sweet!” posts. For now.

The moment Boo hears his kittens begin to cry for a feed, he busts into the house through the screen doors.  And I do mean Bust In with a Crash.  Then he rushes for their door and tries to jam his nose under the… Continue Reading “I promise this is the last of the “Oh, oh, that is so sweet!” posts. For now.”

So, How Many Days are there in September?

This piggie has cauliflower ears.. must be all that rugby out in the field. So, how many days  until the end of September? We have run into a problem I did not foresee.  We have eaten all the greens, there are no more tasty… Continue Reading “So, How Many Days are there in September?”

A Definition of Madness

They say (though I am still not sure who They are)  that one definition of madness is to keep doing the same thing expecting a different result.  Hoping that by repetition one might magically break through and achieve success. So when, once again, I… Continue Reading “A Definition of Madness”

Is this your hat?

Boo the Savage is the great returner of found objects. The Verandah is a litter of interesting finds, like a little boys pockets but with a canine influence. I forgot to tell you yesterday that Queenie (who would not look at you for a… Continue Reading “Is this your hat?”

Blue takes it upon himself to work the sheep.

This week, all things being equal, we shall have a roof and the siding done on The Coupe. I hope! I am trying SO HARD to be patient. Blue has been very carefully helping Ton put the naughty Murphy back in his paddock each… Continue Reading “Blue takes it upon himself to work the sheep.”