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Personal Delivery

And still it rains. And here was I thinking that today I would begin my Christmas shopping and get some boxes in the mail for the family in New Zealand but no: look at this. Below. (Pointed out by one of my Instagram readers… Continue Reading “Personal Delivery”

Mats for chooks

Tia is looking quite beautiful in this shot don’t you think? . It poured with rain yesterday. POURED! It was an inside day for everyone. I have been having trouble with a group of layers who want to sleep in the laying boxes. It… Continue Reading “Mats for chooks”

The Two-headed Monster

When we were kids the seats in the cars were bench seats- you could sit four skinny people comfortably across the front seat. (Bucket seats are such a kill-joy). Lovey-dovey couples would sit close together – usually the fella driving and the girl jammed as close as she… Continue Reading “The Two-headed Monster”


For the first time since early summer Our john had both weekend days off. So between much deserved naps he was able to get some barn maintanence done. This whole barn is slipping North, sliding off its concrete foundation.  Years and years ago it… Continue Reading “Dancing”

Satur’s Day

Dogs winter beds.  Full of sheeps wool. The chooks new roost and the new chooks. Good morning. I  have lots of help with the chores today. Breakfast is ready. I hope you have a lovely day, Love celi


This is what happens when you survive the Polar Vortex. Your comb is burnt off, your wattle disappears, you lose the nails from your toes and sometimes the toes themselves. You are no longer pretty because maybe your tail feathers never grew back. But… Continue Reading “Survivors”

The Bat Cave

You know the cold is coming when Sheila my big fat pig starts building her bed.  Last night she had gathered it all up high,  she stands in the middle of her bed and goes round and round scraping the straw up with her hooves and… Continue Reading “The Bat Cave”

A Hammer and a Nail

I took my hammer and nails and worked on fences most of the day. Hello Minty. There will be a lot of people in and out of the farm and the house while I am away and the last thing I need is a… Continue Reading “A Hammer and a Nail”

Chickens Run

And there is no apostrophe on purpose. Because the chickens were running out their new  door. Into their new run. The AHA moment. There is a good door too for when I lock them back in at night.  The girls laboured all day to… Continue Reading “Chickens Run”

Chook Steps

Mr Pink fascinates me, she has come out of her creep and is the gentlest little chicken I have ever known.  And now that she gets food in her own little hidey hole  she is growing very fast. She likes to be stroked and is the… Continue Reading “Chook Steps”