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Mats for chooks

Tia is looking quite beautiful in this shot don’t you think? . It poured with rain yesterday. POURED! It was an inside day for everyone. I have been having trouble with a group of layers who want to sleep in the laying boxes. It… Continue Reading “Mats for chooks”

Talk about Chicken

These speckled hens are the ones I love the most. Next year I am going to isolate my home grown speckled roosters with these home grown speckled hens and then hatch the eggs. Who knows what we will get but I hope to get… Continue Reading “Talk about Chicken”

Feeling bloody.

My Mother used to say that. ‘I am feeling bloody.’ In other words do NOT Bother me with mundanity today – you might just lose your curly little head. Yesterday I wandered about the farmy in the cold,  just feeling bloody.  Everything just looked… Continue Reading “Feeling bloody.”