Talk about Chicken

These speckled hens are the ones I love the most.

Next year I am going to isolate my home grown speckled roosters with these home grown speckled hens and then hatch the eggs. Who knows what we will get but I hope to get more speckled hens.

chickens and dog

Boo has come into his own and is being magnificent with the young birds now. I would never have done this earlier in the summer but it seems that he has worked out that the chickens are not for carrying about.

Plus very recently he is beginning to herd in a thoughtful way – Ton I can move on command, and tell to Stay but no cow is afraid of him (Ton is more of a signal dog really, I send him out to Lady and he kind of TELLS her it is milking time  by lying down next to her, but Boo is doing very well with the Go Round, and Get Away commands, moving right around the group of cows and bringing them in. Twice he has cut out the calves (he knows they are sent to the barn by themselves) and brought them quietly to the gate.  So while the weather is good we practice at milking time very slowly walking in our little herd and dividing them up so Lady Astor is in the yards, the calves are into the barn, and the other three are sent back out into the field.

The dogs and I are enjoying this new development.

Peghorn our oldest and most distinguished rooster, having survived many  solid hidings at the claws of the younger set, and has had two long stays in the chickens hospital wing  knocking on deaths door, has developed an ability to become invisible. He hides when the other bigger younger roosters are about and when I open the door to let Amanda’s chicks out he shoots in to have a good munch.  At night he sidles through the barn  door last and sneaks in to sleep with Tima and Tane and their cat LuLu.


I hope you have a good day.

Love celi



49 Comments on “Talk about Chicken

  1. Chickens are all looking good! Lost one of mine the other week. She had a prolapsed vent that would not go back. Took her to the vet, but they could do nothing. Oh well, we take the good with the bad. Down to just five ladies now. May have to re-stock the flock next spring.
    Question – how come the male Turkey is called a ‘Tom’ and so is a male cat? Seems strange as they are no way related LOL

  2. Boo is a wonderful dog. I have been a member of his fan club since the day you got him!

  3. Great to see Peghorn again and in such fine fettle 🙂 It is wonderful when something “clicks” in a dogs brain and a trained behaviour is set for life. Laura

  4. Leghorn is such a gorgeous bird. Magnificent. Good morning, c, and all the best to you for the day. x >

  5. I can see why you love the speckled hens; that broken colour is lovely, and Mr Peghorn is wonderfully vivid despite his seniority. He’s a clever old rooster!

  6. Nice description of Boo’s, the rooster’s and all the other’s living. Beautiful shots.I like best when you said: Peghorn always sleeps with Tima and Tane and “their” cat LuLu. Everyone has got his/her’s special friends and is building a friendship. So nice…. – I am very taken with the fact that every single animal has got it’s very own and very unique character. You are able to observe that so well. Thanks for sharing… – Have a nice day, Celi!

  7. Why are the speckled ones your favorites? They are all beautiful. I heard a great story on NPR yesterday about a writer for children who has written over 100 books, and he always comes up with the titles first! Reminded me of you and your blogs. Funny, that. Take care!

  8. Celi, will you move the chickens that are in the picture into the barn when it gets colder? Or will they stay in that enclosure during the winter?

    • They will all go into the chook house with the others – I will blend them with Hugo’s chicks then I just need to take their half way house into the chook house – as you know you cannot blend a group too fast. They will be warm in there for the winter. c

      • I was pretty sure that was the plan! We have 8 about to go in a halfway house now. So weird that out of 20 eggs incubated only 9 hatched and 8 survived. Don’t know what happened with that. We’ve always had much better results hatching chickens.

  9. Such clever dogs you have, thaks to your patient traiing. And Peghorn is looking fabulous – haven’t seen him for a while. As irmi says, it’s lovely the way your animals all have special friends and places to sleep
    Son gone back to UK and Jock back here…..I’m whacked!
    Have a lovely day
    ViV xox

  10. A most handsome Roo you have there!!! We have one gentleman rooster, Benedict! He is our main man…any other Roo’s that hatch out are destined for the freezer once they get to the point of harassing the hens. Love the speckled hens…what type are they??

  11. Your animals all have such interesting personalities. All the way to the chickens. It fascinates me that so many don’t realize each one is unique in themselves. I love seeing how they interact with each other each day. Thanks and have a lovely day too.

  12. Peghorn is very handsome and cagey! I’m also wondering why the speckled birds are your favourites, although the picture of them with the brown hens shows off their feathers nicely. My 9 month old mutt Rizzo is settling down nicely and I guess all good things come eventually with patience. Have a great day!

  13. Daybreak must be a cacophony of cock-a-doodle dos! And ditto to everyone’s comments. Peghorn is wildly colorful like a sunset himself.

  14. I love your Boo- so smart and soft hearted. And the rooster is magnificent- my sweetie is going to make a painting of your rooster!

  15. Well, I have a soft spot for a speckled hen and the colours of Peghorn’s coat is worthy of a catwalk… The fashion kind!

  16. Your speckledy hens look a bit like my silver spangled hamburg, same sort of colouring and body shape and size. Do yours have a “rose comb” rather than a stand up one, if so, they might be related. The rose combs do best in freezing weather as they sit flat rather than stand up…..not that that’s a concern here. My Mirrhi works well with the chickens, and comes and tells me if they’ve got into the veggie patch, looking very worried. Being a half and half cattle dog/border collie she has trouble with herding them along and rounding them up……as soon as they start to move away from her she runs out in front and brings them back to me, makes for lots of rolling around laughing as the poor chooks aren’t sure what to do.

  17. I love that Tima and Tane have their own pet cat and resident rooster. What a nice family. And those dogs are so smart, they need all that training and work to do. I bet it makes them happy.

  18. The chicken pictures reminds me of my own afternoon today…each time I go past my neighbour’s chickens and ducks they rush to gate thinking that I’m the one bearing lunch….and they never learn:)

  19. Peghorn is a handsome rooster, and it sounds like he’s pretty smart, too. The speckled chickens are pretty. It’s good to hear Boo is coming into his own, in his own sweet way.

  20. Oooh, I think I’m in LOVE with Peghorn! What masculine spurs he has… and such colorful feathers! I’m glad to know he’s relying on his old codger wisdom to keep in stealth mode! Are the speckled hens a particular breed? They’re lovely.

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