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Not from today

I have been going through my old photographs.  Looking for the TWELVE for the calendar. And when I went out with Camera House to take some shots in the last of the light, as the Cadet and I worked through the chores, I discovered  I… Continue Reading “Not from today”


Yesterday I swung from one task to the next, achieving nothing, starting stuff and then wandering in another direction and finding myself doing something completely different. Trying to restart the first one again then discovering task number three or four. I left the water… Continue Reading “Pacing”

The winter barn

John has been working hard to get the winter barn, our other barn across the creek that is really a ditch, up to code  for the winter. We prefer this barn for the animals in the winter as it has a dirt floor. The… Continue Reading “The winter barn”

How to season new cookware

There is nothing like a well seasoned cast iron pan. Once when I went to New Zealand to see my children John’s daughter decided my blackened, precious, well travelled cast iron pans,  loaded with memories of meals, needed cleaning so for the two weeks… Continue Reading “How to season new cookware”

Two pairs of eyes

Through my eyes. And now through the eyes of Sonia, Hugo’s mother. French Mama as an American Girl.  Country Life! My visitors helped me build a fence to enable the two young gilts Molly and Tahiti to have their outside run.  The little pigs… Continue Reading “Two pairs of eyes”

Talk about Chicken

These speckled hens are the ones I love the most. Next year I am going to isolate my home grown speckled roosters with these home grown speckled hens and then hatch the eggs. Who knows what we will get but I hope to get… Continue Reading “Talk about Chicken”

Bird brains

One of Hugo’s chicks jumped out of her brooder and took her good self for a walk into the glass house yesterday. These chicks who I purposely bred with one of the new dappled roosters, are so pretty and robust. The turkeys have taken it… Continue Reading “Bird brains”

The Little Stuff

How does one describe an ordinary day filled with the little stuff of life in a way that will both entertain and invigorate. As you know my promises are that every Kitchens Garden blog will be about Yesterday, it will be the unvarnished truth (no… Continue Reading “The Little Stuff”

Listen to Sheila

Yesterday afternoon I saw (with a certain amount of alarm) that Sheila my big fat old pig was building her winter bed, for hours in the afternoon she went about the barn stealing hay and straw and sticks and anything she could gather into… Continue Reading “Listen to Sheila”

Follow me

Scroll through quickly and you can come for a walk across to the West barn with Megan and I yesterday morning. And then back we walk to the house for breakfast. And what do we find going on arriving back at the house!? Turkeys (and… Continue Reading “Follow me”