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The sun did come out yesterday. Towards the end of a very long chilly day. I am hoping we get even more today. After days of sunless cold the whole animal kingdom me included are longing for sun.


Manu slept the night in his little tin house. He had two bales of dry golden straw in there and has made himself a big warm bed.


I have shifted Molly out of the back field. Poppy just would not let Molly settle in the field down the back. Molly often had scratch marks and bloody noses from getting into battles with Poppy. These are two big sows so when Poppy…


Morning. Dark. Wintry Mix. I hate the wintry mix because it often results in Ice. And I hate ICE.


Piglet is indefatigable and when he finally lays down to sleep at the end of the day Boo and I literally sigh with relief. He is worse than a toddler.


To move a mob of pigs takes a lot of preparation. (Unlike a break-out that takes no preparation at all).  The Six had finished their smaller sunflower field and were ready to take on the big one. I had been holding off while the…


That about sums it up. 



Pig Graffiti

Poppys Six went out to their new home in the field yesterday with a great big welcoming wallw that they very quickly turned into delicious mud.  Then seeing the pure white canvas of their new house they dragged their bodies all around it making…

Herbie came to visit

Do you remember the piglet that was having trouble in the cold early last winter.  He kept vomiting up his food? Almost died. I brought him inside then gave him to the pig rescue lady just before I began my travels. Do you remember…

Molly and Poppy

The two sows seem to be living together quietly now that I have locked Molly and her brood even further back in the barn. They have no shared walls now. And with the weather being so miserable and cold the piglets spend most of…

Working Dogs

Poppy’s little piglets are just like their Mother. Escape artists.  Every time I turn around lately they are out in the wrong field or on the drive or somewhere they are not meant to be.  In fact I have never had a group quite…