Well you know the rules! Once I have written the hearing I can’t change it.

Here is a not-clever chicken, stuck in the porch railings. The two dogs looked on in bemusement. Not sure whether to run for help or give it a good shove.

Yet we keep raising them!

Everyone was out in the sun today. It was even warm. I do not trust our inclement weather even a bit so I feel nervous when it gets warm.

But it is March – anything can happen. The glass house is full of greens and John is sat out at his workshop rendering down the maple syrup.

And the Warthog is greening but you can see the damage from the constant rain this winter – standing water for that long is disastrous to plants. I am honestly pushing for some rice trials.

Pigs, pigs, pigs. All pet pigs now. We get so many buckets of vegetables that these pigs eat great big salads day in and day out.

This is a much prettier shot of the wheat.

Mr Flowers hops on his one foot all the way from the barn to the side of the feed shed every morning for his breakfast and hangs out there for the day. He is wonky but seems quite healthy – his tail is getting longer which is a sign of good health but I fear he will never spread his plumage again. He would need good balance for that. But that’s ok, right? We don’t need to be perfect to be perfectly happy.

We are getting between 14 and 15 duck eggs a day so along with any chicken eggs they will start to sell next week. In the end the eggs make the best money for the farm. Especially ducks who graze all day!

I hope you have a great week!


24 Comments on “I NEED A DRINK

  1. Uhuh 🙂 ! I need a drink also – wonder whether we are talking the same language . . . ! Am currently all out, so had to laugh at your title. Lovely to see you posting . . . quite in addition to all the four-leggeds.. . . .hope your prairies weather behaves some more . . .

  2. The photos make me feel like I’m right there! Thank you!

  3. The photos make me feel like I’m there. Mr. Flowers is beautiful anyway.

  4. ahhhh chooks and eggs! And one silly hen! Look at those “pet” pigs! Lucky ones for sure! Cheers!

  5. I need a big tin mug of boiling hot tea. Down Under, our holiday trip has taken us to 1300m above sea level and 10°C below sea level temperatures. Brrr! Your remaining livestock looks extremely fit and well fed, and I heartily endorse the trialling of rice; if you have a paddy field, go for the appropriate crop!

  6. Lovely catch up. Pet pigs, my dream! Mr Flowers looking very handsome, despite the wonky leg. What have we done to our climate? Paddy fields on the Prairie?! If anyone will make that work you will.

    • Certainly hope those ‘standing water’ losses are minor. I swear we’ve had equivalent amounts of rain and snow this year and very little time with actual seasonal temperatures. It just kept coming back toward freezing and hovering as though it were March for most of the winter… :/

      • Sorry, upon seeing that hen stuck there between the porch stiles, I couldn’t help but think it would be a great help with the fall cull; )

  7. How wonderful you regularly get loads of veggies for the pigs! They absolutely must be in ‘hog heaven’! We are counting on Spring being here and have close to half of the garden beds planted. And finally our chickens are laying again, so we are also selling eggs to friends who have been asking for them for months! Yay!!! Does John have any special varieties of tomatoes going in the glass house this year? 🙂

  8. Yeah! A drink a day keeps the dr away. That’s what I say.
    Oh I’m sorry about Mr. Flowers being unable to display his beautiful feathers. We never think about the importance of being able to balance until its been compromised.
    Hope WaiWai feels as good as he looks.

  9. Really nice to see WaiWai sharing. And those long rows of wheat are so hopeful. Alsothe light and life inthe barnyard. Great photographs all. An altogether warming visit.

  10. Looks like everyone is enjoying the sunshine! Warmer days are making their way here thankfully.

  11. Celi I have never eaten duck eggs but see them at our market. Are they eaten and cooked (or vice versa) like hen eggs? Been a long long time since I have visited and now with outside activities muted am glad to be back! Chris

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