Dawn Chorus – In Surround Sound

The bird song sounds of the dawn caught on video.

There are a short few minutes just as the sun is rising when all the birds put aside their differences and pipe in the light. They rise onto their toes in the trees and sing their tiny generous hearts out.

As the burning colors of the rising sun begin to drift above the horizon, the birds orchestrate a vibrant symphony of sound that echoes through the stillness of the morning air.

Even the breeze seems to hold her breath to listen more closely.

Close your eyes for a moment and listen too.

Because as suddenly as it begins the concert will be over and there is only the languid song of the morning dove and the occasional bully of a rooster left to call out.

I used to worry that there would be nothing to say when I posted every day. But now that I have come back to daily blogging I am reminded that, when you encourage yourself to watch for the smallest things, there is always something to share with The Fellowship.

Have a lovely day.


Farmy Weather: High of 47F ( 8C) Partial sun NE winds and tonight a low of 31F (minus 5C).

March 08 2020. Before the madness began.

25 Comments on “Dawn Chorus – In Surround Sound

  1. I was just thinking about you – I’m reading Memories of Gascony by Pierre Koffmann (one of the greatest chefs of the last 50 years). He decribes staying with his grandparents on the farm, for all his school holidays. It includes the farming, cooking and preserving. I think you’d like it!

  2. That is a real treat, thank you, and a beautiful photograph to accompany it. Please don’t ever run out of things to tell us. So appreciated! X

  3. I am so anxious for it to be warmer and the time that I can leave my windows open through the night to wake up to the birds at dawn. One of my most favorite times of the entire day!

      • Yes! I know in years past I would already have at least one window open at this point- 2 weeks before official spring but it’s still below freezing at night and into early morning. No heat on at night so it gets mighty cold in here! Having a small window cracked open probably wouldn’t make any difference 😉

  4. Oh my, this really brings back memories. I so miss sunrises – and sunsets – and snow. Thank you for posting again from your farm – two miles south of home.

      • There are a lot of things I like about Texas. I’m close to family, I attend concerts, I’m in a great living facility, I’ve made a lot of friends, I even had my groceries delivered this morning. However, I still miss the sky, the change of seasons, the energy of planting season, growing season, harvest season and the relief of winter. The Kempton/Cullom area will always be home to me.

        • I love that you get to go to concerts! That is something we don’t have down here in the country!

          This sky! I miss it too when I am away.

  5. I think it is the smallest things that truly make up our lives! This was lovely. Thank you

  6. Pity that I can’t show you my big smile after listening to that. Suffice to know it’s a big one. Good evening, C.

  7. Those Farmy daily posts way back then helped me city dweller way back then start the day and absorb inspiration for country village life in a future that is now where I’m sitting in bed drinking coffee just before dawn listening to The Farmy dawn chorus and my own in stereo.

  8. Love that! While I was listening to your birds I could also hear the ones in my yard. Your rooster and my hawks!

  9. Poetic words. there is a certain magic to dawn, and I love the way the video ends with the triumphant rooster call.

  10. Do you miss the birds of NZ? I had a friend from Queenstown who always said that European and American birds sounded very dull by comparison with the interesting calls of birds at home.

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