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How to make Willow Water Rooting Hormone

A hard wood or semi hard wood cutting needs help to grow good strong roots, usually from a rooting hormone. You can make a natural and very effective rooting hormone at home. With willow cuttings. When I was a very young Mum. In New… Continue Reading “How to make Willow Water Rooting Hormone”

Who knew cats could Play Possum

Vandal the cat was laid out on his back totally still. So still that Boo actually went over to make sure he was not dead. Hush, said Vandal, I am playing a trick on the roosters. Then he leapt up and flew at speed… Continue Reading “Who knew cats could Play Possum”

How I Layout the Images in my Blog Post

On an ideal day. This is my formula – you will all do this differently and I would love to hear how your construct your pages too and what you love to see on a page. The images on a blog page make all… Continue Reading “How I Layout the Images in my Blog Post”

Do You See What I see? The First Spring Chick!

I know that spring has arrived with I hear the chirp of a new chick. There is the wild fanfare of morning birds and the grass is greening up, buds popping on the trees. But a wee chick is a great big exclamation mark… Continue Reading “Do You See What I see? The First Spring Chick!”

Do you know what This Bird Is?

As the trees grow in our wilding areas so too do the bird populations. We are in Illinois, just about 100 miles South of Chicago and many of our birds fly South for the winter. And now they are coming back. And this tiny… Continue Reading “Do you know what This Bird Is?”

Is there a difference between Blogs and Social Media?

Is a blog better than Social Media or is there even a difference? Maybe a blog IS Social Media. Personally I think our blogs are much more than Instagram or Facebook (or Twitter and TikTok). Did you know that 77% of internet users read… Continue Reading “Is there a difference between Blogs and Social Media?”

Rolling Hits of Stormy Weather

Nasty squalls hurled themselves across the landscape of the midwest plains last night. Wind, rain that sounded like hail, the roar of the storms, all flew above our heads like malevolent angels. Thunder shook the house and lightening kept Boo under the desk with… Continue Reading “Rolling Hits of Stormy Weather”

Easy Home Made Laundry Liquid

⚫️ In 2019, it was estimated that 49% of all liquid laundry detergents, and about 77% of powdered laundry detergents, contained micro-plastics. Synthetic polymers. Nasty stuff. ⚫️  700 million plastic laundry detergent jugs are thrown away each year in the United States. ⚫️ Synthetic clothing… Continue Reading “Easy Home Made Laundry Liquid”

How not to panic when your Draft Blog Post Disappears!

Blogging is not always plain sailing. My daily blog post was almost finished and just perfect. 🐞 Then winked out. In fact I am sure it was AWARD WINNING! The pictures were beautiful. All the images were optimised and had alt-text and the SMO… Continue Reading “How not to panic when your Draft Blog Post Disappears!”

Sunday Mornings used to be Coffee and Newspapers.

Do you remember those days? I loved the Sunday newspaper. How it was really fat, fat enough that everyone had a favourite section and took it off into a corner like a dog with a bone. I also loved how – if you got… Continue Reading “Sunday Mornings used to be Coffee and Newspapers.”