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24 seconds out my front door

And there is a sunrise this morning! Can you see the subtle changes in the maple.? Today I am working on bringing in Nelson the Rescue Rabbit. We have decided he can live in East Wing junk room (with the door shut against Boo)… Continue Reading “24 seconds out my front door”


The sun did come out yesterday. Towards the end of a very long chilly day. I am hoping we get even more today. After days of sunless cold the whole animal kingdom me included are longing for sun.


There was a time I really did not like these ducks. But they have grown on me. Yesterday one got caught in some nylon.


A Winter Storm Watch in the first days of a midwest Spring.  The old people keep telling me anything can happen in March and it happens they are right! 


Shovelling winter bedding into the wind is hard on the eyes – and the lens. 


I had a chicken catcher visit yesterday. A young man who spent a couple of hours sneaking up on the runaway chickens catching them and returning them to the chicken coop. So to date there is only one (or maybe two) still wandering about… Continue Reading “CROOKED BOTTOM”


Right this minute – it is 5.23am  -it is 53F/11C, really warm. And wet, sopping all over, really wet, wet air and wet ground and wet all around. I can hear water dripping off the eaves into the gardens and the water barrel. 

How I blog and other answers

Well we have hit 2017 now. I wonder what 2017 has in store for us. For you and me and thekitchensgarden farm. Lots of hard work I think – which is good. I like hard work. We are still not quite finished with 2016… Continue Reading “How I blog and other answers”

Bye Bye

Well, it looks like the actual book list is going to be a work in progress for a few days as yesterday AND the day before became very busy on the farm what with one thing and another and I did not get around… Continue Reading “Bye Bye”

The elderly Rooster

It rained for most of the day yesterday which kept the pigs inside and the cows outside. Cows, big hot beasts, love a gentle rain but pigs not so much. As soon as the rain stopped the piglets slowly ventured forth. This old rooster… Continue Reading “The elderly Rooster”