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Sell me Your Dreams.

If I am allowed to wake naturally, I wake at dawn. No matter when the dawn is. Always a dream is with me. Like a mist. A diaphanous fabric of colour and movement and air and dreams. Do you wake up like that? I… Continue Reading “Sell me Your Dreams.”

Who knew cats could Play Possum

Vandal the cat was laid out on his back totally still. So still that Boo actually went over to make sure he was not dead. Hush, said Vandal, I am playing a trick on the roosters. Then he leapt up and flew at speed… Continue Reading “Who knew cats could Play Possum”

Do You See What I see? The First Spring Chick!

I know that spring has arrived with I hear the chirp of a new chick. There is the wild fanfare of morning birds and the grass is greening up, buds popping on the trees. But a wee chick is a great big exclamation mark… Continue Reading “Do You See What I see? The First Spring Chick!”

The Rooster on the Porch

Roosters have their own territories, especially roosters who do not have a flock of chickens. And often (here on the Farmy) a lone rooster will attach itself to an animal. At least to the area that a particular animal lives in and the promise… Continue Reading “The Rooster on the Porch”

RAIN – Pouring Rain in a Golden Morning

It rained yesterday afternoon and is still raining this morning. And after months in California the rain feels luxurious. Probably an inconvenience to the city people but joyous to us out here in the country. It has not rained since I returned to the… Continue Reading “RAIN – Pouring Rain in a Golden Morning”

I am Three Rivers

I started writing this a while ago but the idea would not blossom. So, like one of my favorite authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I put the idea in the bottom drawer to ferment a while. It makes sense to me now. I am Three… Continue Reading “I am Three Rivers”


A little sun and out they come. 


Last night Tane disappeared into the dark.  I was on the phone talking to the airlines looking out the window. And as I talked I watched the poor old hobbly pig walk out in the gathering dark – the wrong way. 


The first thing I do every day – even before I sit down to write to you, my friends – is I check the weather.  As kids, when the radio man read the weather forecast woe betide anyone who spoke or rattled pots or slammed… Continue Reading “HIGH WINDS”


Fifteen minutes of extra day light may not seem like a lot but at the end of yesterday it was just enough to finish everything up in daylight with time left over for the dogs and I to walk around the perimeter.