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The Damp

Although the flood waters have receded the ground is so wet that every morning the dew is heavy and the sun rises into misty wet air. The humidity is saturating. We have not had a full hot drying sunny day in weeks. The clouds… Continue Reading “The Damp”

Living with Nature

It is Saturday morning – after another fraught week. A huge hawk came onto the farm while I was at work on Tuesday and killed Mrs Flowers. I saw the hawk when I was driving up the drive from work. The birds were frantic,… Continue Reading “Living with Nature”

It’s Been So Long

I am popping in to test things out today and share a few photographs with you. I had a wee problem with a few trollers on the blog. They made everything sour. So I went quiet for a while hoping they would get bored.… Continue Reading “It’s Been So Long”


Of both my worlds. A little of both my worlds. Don’t we all live with our feet in more than one camp – that is life right?


Yesterday cleared into a beautiful calm sunny day. And we got everything done from that days list. The asparagus is all mulched, the duck house has two new windows covered in strong screen, I collected all the feeds and we stowed them in the… Continue Reading “NERVE”


The relief of warm air is palpable. I can touch, maybe even palpate, this relief. This morning is 7f ( -13C) as I awake. Above Fahrenheit’s less that scientific Zero. But measurement is all an invention to some degree or other. After we run… Continue Reading “COMING UP FOR AIR”


Last night as the wind blew hard and the temperatures dropped so fast my face ached, I got all the chores finished. Finally got in the house. Finally peeled off the layers of messed up miserable ramshackle outdoor homeless person clothing. Finally got my… Continue Reading “LAST NIGHT”


Last night the moon and the deep white snow joined in to create a glow that seemed to come from the Earth herself. I wish you could have seen it. It appeared to lift from under the snow like deep shuttered light from below.… Continue Reading “YOU SHOULD SEE THE NIGHT”


I want to put two ll’s in leveller. (There are going to be problems when I get to SPELLING in my English course). Anyway, Our John thinks we got over Six inches yesterday. Nice light fluffy snow.


I often find things when I examine images in the morning as I prepare them for publication. I think that is a jacket? On the post behind the peacock. I know exactly where my one work jacket is so it must be the woodcutters!