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Get back to bed, she said

You are too young to fly! And Miss C lifted the little bird, for the fourth time that day, off the floor and placed it back into it’s pretend bread basket nest. Little bird glared at Miss C and waited for her to leave… Continue Reading “Get back to bed, she said”

No politics here. Just life. Just farming. Just me.

This is a politics free zone. Isn’t that a relief. The frenzy driven, spurious, destructive, puerile, gossipy politics that keeps bleeding into our lives makes me want to run and hide. I need to stand witness, but not here. Not on our farm blog.… Continue Reading “No politics here. Just life. Just farming. Just me.”

FreeBee and Big Jude on The Move

Summer is on its way (so they say) and Big Jude and FreeBee the huge mature rescue hogs have been moved through the fields and into the cool airy barn with access to the pig yard for the summer season. The black metal stock… Continue Reading “FreeBee and Big Jude on The Move”

If my Words are Not Read, did I Write them At All?

Lucky for me I have you reading these words. My title refers to the other stories we all write. Or think of writing. Many people journal – in fact it is quite the thing in some circles. We used to call it a diary… Continue Reading “If my Words are Not Read, did I Write them At All?”

Blogging is a Little Like Playing Chopped

Blogging is a little like that television/Netflix program: Chopped? Did you every see Chopped? A bunch of chefs would line up and they each had a basket with weird ingredients in it and then, with the clock ticking and random badly behaved judges, (there… Continue Reading “Blogging is a Little Like Playing Chopped”

Who knew cats could Play Possum

Vandal the cat was laid out on his back totally still. So still that Boo actually went over to make sure he was not dead. Hush, said Vandal, I am playing a trick on the roosters. Then he leapt up and flew at speed… Continue Reading “Who knew cats could Play Possum”

Nanny Boo the self appointed Guardian Dog

Dogs are all the things. They are companions. Guard dogs. Guardian dogs. Farm dogs. Lap dogs. Nagging dogs. Old dogs. What else? The above shot is of Boo trying very hard not to look annoyed (and failing) as I take TOO LONG to get… Continue Reading “Nanny Boo the self appointed Guardian Dog”

How to Catch a Peacock. Mr Flowers needed Help.

Yesterday I noticed that Mr Flowers had a band of nylon string wrapped around one of his feet. And he only has one good foot. If left in place the nasty nylon string would continue to tighten and eventually cut off the toe (in… Continue Reading “How to Catch a Peacock. Mr Flowers needed Help.”

FreeBee the adorable 450 pound Sitting Hog

FreeBee the 450+ pound rescue hog who sits all day, like a sitting bull but sweeter.

The Rooster on the Porch

Roosters have their own territories, especially roosters who do not have a flock of chickens. And often (here on the Farmy) a lone rooster will attach itself to an animal. At least to the area that a particular animal lives in and the promise… Continue Reading “The Rooster on the Porch”