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I am so behind on writing to my Janie’s Mill bakers. This afternoon I must sit down and do that. Are you all on that list too? That is a straight email list until the website is ready for me to start a blog.… Continue Reading “MY NEW LOAF”


All around me. In all four cardinal directions – but nothing to do with the sins – the wheat is sprouting. Struck. Rising up! Wheat is a hardy grass. Some varieties are sown just before the cold really hits yet are strong enough to… Continue Reading “RISING UP”

Galician Cornbread

Galician Cornbread is called Boroña. It is an old Spanish country bread that I have only just discovered. This is a variation of one of the Boroña recipes. It bakes up beautifully and the dough was a real pleasure to work with.


We worked in the grim cold and blowing though inconsequential snow all day then at the moment the sun committed to dropping below the horizon, to begin her journey to visit my children, she turned her fleeting lights on me. Suddenly and very briefly, sepia… Continue Reading “LAST LIGHT”

Baba Ganoush

Eating only what you grow can sometimes get a little boring  because at some times of the year only a few things are growing – but not at this time of year. This time of year we have a medley of vegetables in the… Continue Reading “Baba Ganoush”

How to make No-knead Kefir bread on a Snowy Slushy Snainy day!

The snow was a bit of a disappointment yesterday but we did  get about two inches of snowy slushy snainy rain. Snain is Viv’s new word for snow mixed with rain. I like it! We got snained! And while the wind was blowing the… Continue Reading “How to make No-knead Kefir bread on a Snowy Slushy Snainy day!”

Missed the deadline

When Our John goes off to work in the morning at 5 am,  he brings me a small strong hot freshly ground cup of coffee. Being the romantic soul that I am the first thing I say to him before he leaves for work… Continue Reading “Missed the deadline”

How (not) to make Sweet and Sourdough Raisin Rye bread.

This morning we woke up to freezing rain and sleet and some dripping pathetic excuse for snow on the ground.  When I say freezing rain I mean frozen raindrops. Not as mean as sleet, just sticky frozen.  It is dark and cold.  A wintry… Continue Reading “How (not) to make Sweet and Sourdough Raisin Rye bread.”

Ignore Everything and Make Bread

White Cat in the tree house, yesterday evening. I am ignoring Mary’s Cat who is sleeping in one of the Silent Ones caps looking incredibly cute. And I am not listening to Mama who is crying because I am trying to wean her lambs… Continue Reading “Ignore Everything and Make Bread”