Job Hunting while Bread Baking

What’s not to like!

After gently un-threading my self and my profile but not my recipes – they are still there – from Janie’s Mill ( who will very generously keep my freezer stocked with flour – because I cannot do without my favorite flour). I spent a good week researching and thinking. I am not afraid of change! I have been doing it all my life!

Anyway thinking is massively under rated. Just sitting with nothing in your hands and ‘thinking’ is surprisingly useful. Of course after the thinking comes plotting and planning and drawing arrows all over poor defenseless, unsuspecting pieces of paper.

I have decided that I must have passion in my next work. (After all I am passionate about good food and helping people grow and cook. Food safety is important to me – a tomato from the garden, a little basil and a slice of bread is a meal!). I digress – I am hungry.

Anyway I also decided I also must work remotely with my mobile office set up. I am pretty tech savvy so that is not a problem.

And most importantly my work must make a difference in the world.


Not too much to ask for, surely! Other than pay. That will be useful.

Now there are all kinds of #words that I feed into my searches, like #socialawareness #socialchange #environmentalchange #cleanwater #realfood #culturalidentity #climateawareness #climatechange #immigration. I want to get down in the trenches with start ups and non profits who really want to make a difference. And that takes a lot of research. Luckily I love research too.

But you have heard the saying ‘paralysis by analysis’. I cannot loose sight of my objective.

So no more stalling! This will be my last long career I think. And I want to make it count. Who says you can only have one?

Am I feeling a teensy bit of fear? Oh, yes! After all, in the thirty odd years of my work life I have never actually applied for a job! I just talk my way in the door of a job I want. But we all feel a bit scaredy sometimes – I think that’s human. I am working with it. Fear is a useful emotion- I bundle it in with promise and expectation and smile wrinkles.

You see, I know that all these companies have long notes ( or are they disclaimers) that they are equal opportunity employers. But I never went to university- my family could not afford it and anyway I was on baby number TWO by the time I was twenty. I have just crept over the 60 mark. I have been working for a while. And collecting gems of knowledge along the way – huge bags of knowledge. Just like you have. I have tons of knowledge stashed in my brain but it’s hard to prove it on paper without creating the longest resume in the history of resumes.

So, I walk every morning to feed my brain oxygen so I don’t forget all that stuff, until the heat drives me back in. I make long lists of companies to research, then I write cover letters and emails and apply every day. It is a full time job.

But I bake in between! I mean why not!? It has been over 104f every day for a week now and not even August. May as well bake before it gets too hot. Snort!

By the way I am still in California part time minding summer vacation littlies for my solo parent Dad. It is not Texas but it is a little bit hot.

Below is my recipe for two loaves of sourdough bread using the tangzhon method. This is the softest kid friendly bread ever. Third son has asked me to bake some for his friends so I know it has passed.

Use your favorite flour.

Basically make a roux ( tangzhon) with:

1/3 cup Janie’s Mill High Protein Bread Flour, 1 and 2/3 cup water. Your specs are 1 flour to 5 water. COOL. (very important)

ADD TO: 300g Sourdough Starter.

ADD TO: 700 g water

ADD TO: 10050g Janie’s Mill High Protein Bread Flour. 1 teaspoon Active Yeast.

18g salt – I freshly grind Sea Salt for my bread.

Then proceed the way you normally would. Mix well. Add a little flour if you need it. Stretch and Fold three times. Divide, shape and settle to proof. ( I have not tried proofing overnight in the fridge yet but if you do that, cut down on the starter). I am slowly cutting down on the yeast too to see how much I can get away with but I feel that the cooked flour needs a little additional help.

These loaves were ready to bake after four hours – see earlier words about the heat!!I baked as usual in Dutch Ovens.

Have a great day.

Here is the cutting video from Instagram. I love the sound! You know how much I HATE holes in bread – such a silly fashion – so this is the perfect loaf for me.

And now I am going to slice two fat slices, butter, tomato, pepper and freshly ground salt. Done.

Take care.


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Let me know if you know if a company that is actively working towards the betterment of the planet and her peoples. I will write and see if they need a hand!

37 Comments on “Job Hunting while Bread Baking

  1. I find that weeding garden is a spectacular time for thinking–especially early in the morning. The peace of the garden (other than the redwing blackbird who has built her nest in a nearby stand of flowers and now yells at me every time I go out to work) combined with the repetitive nature of pulling the weeds from between the tomatoes and peppers and eggplant makes for a great time to just let my mind go where it wants.

      • I maintained a backyard garden in drought-stricken California with only gray water, Celi. I baled water from baths into milk jugs, watered with pasta water and bean-soaking water from cooking, caught rainwater in wading pools I found on the street, etc. I maintained young trees, shrubs and vegetable crops that way for years. Now my potted raspberry, blackberry and tomato plants exist on gray water and occasional leftover coffee or tea. Everything is healthy.

      • we have a so very little sunny spot for gardens that I just go to our local Farmers Market- organic and fresh!!

  2. Think I’ll go and bake some crusty rolls today…. My mouth started watering when you split that loaf in half! I have to be more cautious with bread these days (diabetes), but if I make rolls, it lets me do portion control more easily. I’m sorry I have no helpful suggestions for a career for your third age; having ‘officially’ retired a while ago I am out of the loop, but it sounds as if you’re on the right track

  3. Celi – If you can afford to wait another while methinks a square hole will appear from somewhere for your square peg to nestle in and feel comfortable . . . it always has before . . . *smile* Meanwhile could we sometimes see the face behind the breadmaking hands on your iG photos . . . some interested future employer just might appreciate that also . . . bestest to the three generations in California . . .

  4. I just cooked sea bass in the oven, over potates and vegetales in olive oil at a friend’s place – I think it must have been about 32ºC. I must be mad, but it tasted amazing with allioli! I can’t find a decent baker at present – the bread’s OK fresh but is too light and airy when toasted the next day. I’d kill for your loaves above! Going to look for a new baker tomorrow or I’ll go back to making my own. Good luck with the job hunt!

  5. Fortunately despite the change to our orignal plans we still have an income so to keep my hand in so to speak I volunteer with a small local organisation (OzGREEN) of the kind you mention. Sometimes such things can lead to paid opportunities for those so inclined. My neighbour’s daughter is a virtual assistant and another neighbour a virtual bookkeeper. There is scope fo betterment of our world, for sure. I wish you well on your quest, whoever takes you up on your offer will be fortunate indeed.

    • I popped over to have a read of your latest blog but as usual I had to jump through hoops to comment and ended up losing it! Lovely to read your lovely words though! C

      • Thank you Celi for reading and the kind comment. It seems WordPress have been making adjustment to the blog platform backend yet again… a while back I adjusted comment settings which helped a few people who had trouble commenting. But it seems to be an ongoing issue for many.

  6. Have you heard of the Women Food and Agriculture Network based in Ames Iowa? They’re a non profit so they probably don’t have a lot of paid positions, but their works seems right up your alley.

  7. Good luck with your new venture. And I’m sure I can smell that bread from here!

  8. Check out Our mission is “Partnering to help all kids learn.” I suspect the company would check a lot of your boxes. 🙂

  9. So good to read what is happening in your life Celi! I just know great opportunities are coming your way. Change can be so wonderful!!!

  10. I don’t know exactly where you live, only that it is somewhere close(ish) to Chicago. I am sure you have already heard or thought about a lot of these organisations, but I thought I’d mention them anyway. Only thing is most seem to be volunteer-led and possibly not remote work?
    Good luck! Sometimes we just need a change and sometimes change happens to us, but it’s always daunting to re-discover yourself again after it. I hope something comes up soon!

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