Corn Fritters

My Mum used to make us corn fritters for lunch in the winter. She would use a can of Wattie’s whole corn. My Dad knew the Watties you know – I am not sure how he knew them being a man of the sea, and them owning big factories and all. They had huge stone lions on either side of the gate to their house up in the hills which, as a small child, I found deeply impressive.

Anyway the corn fritters Mum made were cooked on her griddle, huge and naturally we ate them with Wattie’s tomato sauce.

The recipe is pretty basic. I made these after my walk.

The suggested recipe I put on my Instagram account is what I did this morning. But the real recipe comes from the NZ Women’s Weekly – imagine a time when it was OK to name a magazine The Women’s Weekly.

Mum has the recipe in her old recipe book in such a truncated form I had to cook it before I could work out what the recipe was even for!

It is marvelous with fresh corn. I am so sorry to my NZ readers who have a bit of a wait before you get fresh corn. Here in California we have to go to the farmers market to get fresh organic corn – the kids call it Caterpillar Corn after we saw a caterpillar in the corn which led to a huge discussion about organic food and how a caterpillar is actually a good sign. John sent me a photo of the corn he is picking back on the farm which looked pretty damn good.


1cup self raising flour, 1 cup of milk, 2 eggs, 2 cups corn kernels, 4 shallots or 1/2 an onion chopped very finely.

Stir it up. Cook on your griddle. Eat outside under the big tree with Greek Yoghurt and Sweet chili sauce.

If you want to tart it up add a little feta and mint.

Naturally I used Janie’s Mill Black Emmer Flour and a teaspoon of Baking Powder because I would never in a million years buy self raising flour.

We made bread as well. Learning to stretch and fold with tiny hands.

Below we are riffing on a bubble bath – water play when you don’t have a pool.

Kids don’t care as long as it is cold. And I am just grateful that no one is peeing in our miniature pools!

Have a lovely day.


48 Comments on “Corn Fritters

  1. Oh YUM! I will make these as a side dish for dinners! Thanks for the recipe and also for the baling soda tip!
    I did not know that! Cheers!

  2. Corn fritters are one of my favourite foods, and I also enjoy them with sweet chilli sauce and a dollop of something….good sour cream is nice but there’s never any in our fridge and always homemade yoghurt, so that and if possible a scattering of rocket leaves and slivers of red onion. Hmmm, I can see a meal making itself. If I’m feeding the G.O. he’ll want a rasher of our butcher’s good homegrown bacon. Thanks for the inspo… I’ll recycle it on my own Insta soonish.

  3. You and I grew up in a similar era, but me in Australia. I don’t ever remember ‘corn on the cob’ as a kid; and I note that your Mum’s recipe called for a CAN! Yes, we had that; but I’ve no idea where it was grown. My husband grew up in Holland, and he tells me that Corn there was only cattle feed!!!

    • The cows will be eating maize. Mum definitely used the corn in a can for the fritters. Sometimes creamed corn! But the fresh corn on a cob was a summer staple!

  4. Oh Lordie – haven’t made corn fritters for ages ! Well, none fresh here at the moment but, as a matter of fact, have always thought Wattie’s from across the Trench somehow tasted ‘better’, so guess what has just been added to the next on-line grocery list !!! To go on the stovetop for me . . .

  5. Love corn fritters for breakfast with bacon, sour cream, sweet chilli sauce and rocket leaves. I had sort of forgotten about them, time to make them again!

  6. These look delicious! Lovely to see your posts again, I meant to comment on the previous one but life has suddenly become very busy… My mum broke her wrist last week and I’ve returned home from my boyfriend’s house to look after her, cook, clean etc all while doing my job and my Master’s degree. I hope all’s well with you and your family

    • Oh no. Hard in you and your mum. When my MIL fell the last time we just knew immediately that everything was changed, again. Good luck with your masters!

      • Thank you. My mum’s only 72 so I’m hoping she doesn’t start having falls. This was an accident, she slipped on some butter that was on the floor after fridge delivery men knocked over her bin. Very unfortunate! It’s hard worrying about and looking after ageing parents

  7. Well I’m done for. I LOVE anything made with corn. In the south it was corn bread, corn pone, corn chowder…and now this delight. .Here I come!

  8. I will definitely try the corn fritter recipe! We, too, have caterpillar corn! My John is growing it again for the first time in about 9 years since the caterpillars ate up that last crop. So curious about what ‘Our John” is growing on The Farmy! He must be eating tomatoes by now! 🙂

  9. So happy to read your post and I think I will try some corn fritters. I’ve never made them before. Glad no one is peeing in your pool.

    • Yes! Kind of. Pancakes with corn added. You can add whatever amount of milk to thin them out. In NZ they serve them with fried halloumi – which I love of course!

  10. How would these be with butter and sorgum syrup? Didn’t grow a lot of corn, usualy just 2 short staggered row ala Ruth Stout. Silver Queen or a Bicolor Honey & Cream. Oh that first ear of the season Start the Water Boiling then Pick the Corn. Later in the seaon would wrap them in foil and put ’em in the Smoker!

  11. So nice to be reading your posts again, always so enjoyable and full of interesting information. I’m very glad you are able to travel for so long this year to see and stay with family and reconnect. It is so very important!!! Cheer on you.

  12. Just saw this in the NY Times. 🐖 years by Ellyn Gaydos. A memoir of working farms in NY and Vermont

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