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I am Three Rivers

I started writing this a while ago but the idea would not blossom. So, like one of my favorite authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I put the idea in the bottom drawer to ferment a while. It makes sense to me now. I am Three… Continue Reading “I am Three Rivers”

Is a Soft Skill a Soft Sell?

Resumes. CVs. Cover letters. Interview Preparation. I am working on all this exciting stuff before I launch myself into the pursuit of my next career. But I am perplexed by the requests for Soft Skills. For a resume I am required to name a… Continue Reading “Is a Soft Skill a Soft Sell?”

Sunday Morning

Good morning. I am late popping in this morning. Last night in the hour when I usually load pictures and briefly sketch out the chat about the day, I had company. Which was lovely. Allison said that as she went off to bed, at a… Continue Reading “Sunday Morning”