I am Three Rivers

I started writing this a while ago but the idea would not blossom. So, like one of my favorite authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I put the idea in the bottom drawer to ferment a while.

It makes sense to me now.

I am Three Rivers.

🪜One river is in Full Flood.

🪜My Second river weaves Full and Gentle with total confidence in and out of the flood.

🪜The third is a Determined Trickle across hot stones veering off course searching for a chance to wreak mayhem.

But water always finds a way.

We are curious creatures – us humans. Curious as in nosy. But also curious to observe. We can have a whole world of thoughts running just below the surface but nothing will show on our faces.

An unmoored raft of ideas, history, disappointments and guilt twirl about our brains as a dance or a dirge. Both sometimes.

It is hard to keep up with everything in our heads.

How about your head? What is going on in there? Anything you feel like talking about?

I had friends to visit during the week. They always take over the kitchen and play Chopped. You know, like the television show. They walk about the gardens, and trees, foraging, tasting. They pull jars of interesting things from their bags then pour a wine and talk about things. Then they cook!

Invariably this is three meals ending with breakfast.

And after they have cleaned up and packed up and driven off with arms waving out the car window I have food for three days left in the fridge!

Business as usual – back on the farm.

My tutoring portfolio is growing fast!

My sustainable spaces writing is developing slowly – there are a few tech challenges with starting a newsletter, workbook and course with a tiny subscription. And a private way for everyone to talk to each other – building community is so important! I need to get my head around it all.

But the scaffold is almost there –

🌳Little steps.

🌟Live Simply so the Planet can Live Large.

☀️Maximise Minimalism.

✨Create Resilient Sustainable Spaces.


Thoughts? As usual feel free to chime in. We are the Fellowship of the Farmy after all. All thoughts welcome.

Today I am bringing straw into all the animal and bird houses. Although it is not cold yet we need to prepare the shelters for winter.

And these naughty birds need to be retaught to go back in the duck house at night.

Plus all those chickens roosting in trees! They will not survive a winter out there.

Time to get to work!

Enjoy your day.


19 Comments on “I am Three Rivers

  1. Cecilia, i got a 404 error after clicking the link to your article. hummm. May You and (all) Yours’ take care, Brian

    • Thank you JohnBrian,

      I quickly republished! I hope that fixed it. I was posting from a point in the house that has a weak signal. Maybe that was it?

      Thank you again


  2. “Food for three days left in the fridge” is always good, it’s easy to serve and no thought neccesary while still being home made! I did curry for 25 on Thursday and have lived off leftovers for the last couple of days. I might be curried out now though!
    That cat could tell the birds a thing or two about finding a nice warm bed for the winter 😉

  3. Your words speak to exactly how I’m feeling!! This makes my day!! Enjoy yours!! Rain in NM today🙏 and I have chile to finish roasting which I wish I could send that smell your way

  4. I just LOVE seeing the farmy pictures Celi and imagining you getting yourself, Our John and the animals ready for the winter. And how wonderful to have friends swing by for wonderful times leaving gifts when departing. You can’t beat that! 🙂 Your tutoring area looks warm, beautiful and inviting. How fortunate your students are!

  5. How wonderful to see the farmy Celi and that you are getting yourself, Our John and the animals ready for the winter. And to see the yumminess that friends swinging by made and the goodies they left behind! 🙂 Your tutoring area looks so warm, beautiful and inviting! How fortunate your students are to have you!

  6. I haven’t been following your wonderful blog for awhile. “Life gets in the way”. This was perfect for me to read this morning – in so many ways! Wow, you have always amazed me and never more than now. On top of all your work on the farm – plus this blog – you are continually forging ahead with new projects!! I NEED to go back to reading The Kitchen’s Garden daily. So very good for the soul!! ❤️

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