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Dawn and Dusk: We keep watch

Mink normally hunt in the predawn and dusk periods. Though this mink does not follow the rules. Also mink should hunt close to their watery homes. In this case The Ditch that was a Creek. This mink has ranged right down to the house… Continue Reading “Dawn and Dusk: We keep watch”

Bath-time for Ducks and Chooks

The Barn Yard Ducks don’t actually need a pond full of water as long as they have deep bowls of water but they LOVE it most when they can have a proper bath in a pond. Ducks preen after a bath. The main function… Continue Reading “Bath-time for Ducks and Chooks”

Scenes while Mowing

Our old mower is so loud and so old and so wonky that it is a wrestling match to get mowing done. But I cleaned up the pathways between the asparagus beds. (There is a little asparagus coming up but still not much –… Continue Reading “Scenes while Mowing”

How to Grow Salad Greens In A Pot

I love to grow salad greens in one big pot. It is so easy. And anyone with a deck or a patio (or a sunny window in the winter) can do this. I sow all the salad greens that I love to eat, into… Continue Reading “How to Grow Salad Greens In A Pot”

Who knew cats could Play Possum

Vandal the cat was laid out on his back totally still. So still that Boo actually went over to make sure he was not dead. Hush, said Vandal, I am playing a trick on the roosters. Then he leapt up and flew at speed… Continue Reading “Who knew cats could Play Possum”

Nanny Boo the self appointed Guardian Dog

Dogs are all the things. They are companions. Guard dogs. Guardian dogs. Farm dogs. Lap dogs. Nagging dogs. Old dogs. What else? The above shot is of Boo trying very hard not to look annoyed (and failing) as I take TOO LONG to get… Continue Reading “Nanny Boo the self appointed Guardian Dog”

The Rooster on the Porch

Roosters have their own territories, especially roosters who do not have a flock of chickens. And often (here on the Farmy) a lone rooster will attach itself to an animal. At least to the area that a particular animal lives in and the promise… Continue Reading “The Rooster on the Porch”

Good morning WaiWai – Rescue Pig

In Maōri wai means water. Wai Wai is a rescue pig and a burns survivor and skin needs a lot of water which is why I called him Wai. When we first rescued him he was dying from his burns, he could not walk… Continue Reading “Good morning WaiWai – Rescue Pig”

I am Three Rivers

I started writing this a while ago but the idea would not blossom. So, like one of my favorite authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I put the idea in the bottom drawer to ferment a while. It makes sense to me now. I am Three… Continue Reading “I am Three Rivers”

24 seconds out my front door

I waited a little longer this morning. So there was more light. And much to my delight there was WaiWai out on a morning stroll! It is warm this morning – 45F and going up to 52F with a little breeze today so I… Continue Reading “24 seconds out my front door”