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I am Three Rivers

I started writing this a while ago but the idea would not blossom. So, like one of my favorite authors, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I put the idea in the bottom drawer to ferment a while. It makes sense to me now. I am Three… Continue Reading “I am Three Rivers”

24 seconds out my front door

I waited a little longer this morning. So there was more light. And much to my delight there was WaiWai out on a morning stroll! It is warm this morning – 45F and going up to 52F with a little breeze today so I… Continue Reading “24 seconds out my front door”


Around the farm.


Sod’s law proclaims that you are more likely to get rain if you cut hay and more likely to get dry weather when you sow a field in corn and oats for summer hog grazing.


WaiWai spends quite some time in fly season trying to get underneath his rags. I cover him with the last of his bed if I am around. Since he was burnt his skin is paper thin and he is is always happy when totally… Continue Reading “PILE OF RAGS”


Once again – huge punishing storms in the night. So much rain again. But (and I have written this sentence three times as it sounds so naievely optimistic). I think the weather might be settling soon. The last few days we have had longer… Continue Reading “WALLOW ABOUT”


It has been a long time since Saturday mornings were any different from other mornings but since moving back into the paid workforce Saturday mornings are developing their old charm.


Yes. Miserably the night before last the ducks were attacked. When I went out for chores I found two dead and three injured. All head injuries. The night before last. Classic mink. I hate the bastard mink. I know to lose a few ducks… Continue Reading “BASTARD MINK”


There are a whole lot of time scales mooted that tell us how long it will take you to establish a habit. To retrain the brain. To exchange a bad habit for a good one. Or introduce a new useful system into your daily… Continue Reading “THIRTY DAYS”


This morning I spoke at an organic grain conference. It went well and I had a good time. Putting the 160 into organic crops has certainly opened the door to hew opportunities. The ice was heavy yesterday. And the light low. However today the… Continue Reading “AWAY AWAY”