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How I Layout the Images in my Blog Post

On an ideal day. This is my formula – you will all do this differently and I would love to hear how your construct your pages too and what you love to see on a page. The images on a blog page make all… Continue Reading “How I Layout the Images in my Blog Post”

Black and White

I am still in my black and white period. Though I do feel a brightening. I think subject matter has a lot to do with the success of monochrome images. With colour it is a much simpler equation. With black and white it is… Continue Reading “Black and White”


I am moving quickly with this blog post this morning as my old laptop is sending ominous flickering warnings.  The screen keeps blacking on and off.  Last night I backed up all the pictures.  I am surprised it even came on this morning.  This… Continue Reading “FROM SNOW TO GROW”


If you were hanging out in the Kitchen’s Garden Lounge of Comments yesterday you would have read that a piglet was lost in that first cold night.  I found him dead on Poppy’s side of their quarters.  Being the Lady Pig Farmer is not… Continue Reading “SIX WARM PIGLETS”


In a Fine Dawn

Cows – and a pig

I love these images of our cows and a pig. Poppy and one of her babies.  The wind is still  blowing and we are all caked in dust – though I am sure this is absolutely nothing compared to the dust bowl,  it feels like… Continue Reading “Cows – and a pig”

Can I have him?

“PLeeeeeaaaase.” says BooBoo. “Can I have him?” This is the little piglet who I am trying to get to eat a little more. He is so small.  He sleeps a bit much and is always bottom of the heap, but seems pretty sprightly when… Continue Reading “Can I have him?”

Last Light

Yesterday I was in a hurry so I shot all these images using my Iphone.   But my constant companion – Phone – hates my laptop. No reason. Just fact. And if I say it often then enough surely it will become a fact?… Continue Reading “Last Light”

I hope the sun comes out

Boo is still on bed-rest and doing it hard. He is allowed short forays with me on a leash, and spends time on the chain by the barn where he can watch. Mostly I have to leave him inside when I go out to… Continue Reading “I hope the sun comes out”

Do what you can –

– because sometimes it is going to rain on your life and then you can only do what you can. And sometimes it is Cold hard rain. And sometimes it is on the day you had pegged to cut hay. And that is what… Continue Reading “Do what you can –”