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I am moving quickly with this blog post this morning as my old laptop is sending ominous flickering warnings.  The screen keeps blacking on and off.  Last night I backed up all the pictures.  I am surprised it even came on this morning.  This… Continue Reading “FROM SNOW TO GROW”


Meet Camera Houses’s new friend. An early Christmas and birthday gift all rolled into one from Our John and his mother, The Matriarch.  This is a Fujifilm X30. And marvellous. And no it is not my birthday or Christmas.  

I hope the sun comes out

Boo is still on bed-rest and doing it hard. He is allowed short forays with me on a leash, and spends time on the chain by the barn where he can watch. Mostly I have to leave him inside when I go out to… Continue Reading “I hope the sun comes out”


We got the call! I am running back outside to finish the chores then Our John and I  are going drive away and pick up the baby goats. The Kids Ma, The La Manchas, I am off to pick up the kids. YAY.  When I… Continue Reading “Later”

Introducing Sheila who has spotty ears and .. um, Charlotte.. OOPS

The Swine Herd was sitting on a lawn chair,  in the shade,  just inside his stables.  Like an old gunslinger outside a dusty tavern. He was an old man, tall, handsome and vigorous.  He unfolded himself from his chair and strode across to open… Continue Reading “Introducing Sheila who has spotty ears and .. um, Charlotte.. OOPS”