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… of her disappearance. Actually she is quite chuffed that you noticed that Miss C and Camera House don’t get down the back to photograph her often enough. 


One of our greatest talents is the ability to articulate joy.   We all have this talent – it is not rare thankfully.  Though fleeting in some lives. But just because it is a common talent, recognising joy, does not mean that it is of… Continue Reading “RICH”

The Vet Bet

If I were a betting man, the vet said, putting his head to one side then to the other studying Lady Astors belly and crinkly udder – I would say she was not pregnant.  She is wide enough, he said,  but that udder should be… Continue Reading “The Vet Bet”

Untidy Mr Flowers

Mr Flowers tail drags a bit. I know this sounds like an unusual concern but the feathers underneath his tail have been dragging in the mud. I have never seen this happen in any other peacock. He is a very shy bird so there is… Continue Reading “Untidy Mr Flowers”

Closed for Busy-ness

The wind blew cold  and strong yesterday. So the big doors were closed, with boards running crosswise to secure them and stop them from flying inward.  The little pigs sleep right inside those doors and I don’t want them caught in a cross draft of cold… Continue Reading “Closed for Busy-ness”

I hope the sun comes out

Boo is still on bed-rest and doing it hard. He is allowed short forays with me on a leash, and spends time on the chain by the barn where he can watch. Mostly I have to leave him inside when I go out to… Continue Reading “I hope the sun comes out”

Sulky pig

Lots of farmy pictures today. Tane was pleased I was home.  One piece of sorry business. Tima was her usual chubby happy self though she had had another miscarriage sometime during the night I arrived home. Only one baby, barely formed, as big as half my thumb.  But… Continue Reading “Sulky pig”

Sheila is a tall girl

Sheila is 72 inches long ( 6 foot, 182cm) and her girth is 68 inches ( 172cm). She is 34 inches high at the highest point of her back and when I measured her girth I could not reach all the way around her,… Continue Reading “Sheila is a tall girl”

Sheila as a horse

I lay on Sheila (my old Hereford pig)  as she walked the field in the sun yesterday. She was  wandering through the pasture, grazing, but she is so tall, up to my hip that it was easy for me to just slide my body over hers… Continue Reading “Sheila as a horse”

Camera House changes hands

Do you want to know how tall Sheila my beautiful big fat pig is? Molly got to have Camera House yesterday afternoon. I am almost 5’8″, and Sheila comes up past my hip.  That tall. Below is Boo – Feigning tiredness  to get more attention. Watched carefully… Continue Reading “Camera House changes hands”