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Closed for Busy-ness

The wind blew cold  and strong yesterday. So the big doors were closed, with boards running crosswise to secure them and stop them from flying inward.  The little pigs sleep right inside those doors and I don’t want them caught in a cross draft of cold… Continue Reading “Closed for Busy-ness”


Hopefully today will be calmer. I still have a couple of teenagers and their baby staying for another week or so.  But the Frenchmen and I are hoping for a calmer day today. Something nice and ordinary would do the trick. We got all… Continue Reading “Calmer”

Mirror, Mirror

On the Wall.  Who is the peahen of them all? Vanity thy name is Geraldine. Now that the peahens are out they all spend a considerable amount of time in the garage looking at themselves  in the mirror and they do preen too! Not… Continue Reading “Mirror, Mirror”

Happy chick

Molly and Tahiti are hard to get a decent photo of  at the moment- they are so grateful to be back that they are at my heels the whole time I am in there with them. They are big girls now and I have… Continue Reading “Happy chick”

Cows love their babies too

Alex and Txiki. Alex is such a good mother – she is with her baby all the time and is totally devoted.  She would never leave her baby all alone down the back of the field in a storm. Alex always knows where her baby… Continue Reading “Cows love their babies too”

Good news

Yesterday we worked extra fast in some terrible humid heat and now all the hay has been divided up and is stacked in neat rows in two barns.  And then in the afternoon – it rained – poured down actually! And we all felt smug… Continue Reading “Good news”

The Boys are Back in Town

Yesterday John and I brought the two steers Daisy’s Bobby and Queenie’s Bobby back from the West barn so they could munch in the Daisy Mistress paddock. It is deep and lush and perfect for fattening these two. The boys are back! The stock… Continue Reading “The Boys are Back in Town”

Summer Quarters

Sheila my Big Fat Pig  and Hop and Pop Poppy are finally out in their Pig Hut for the summer.  This is the first time that Sheila has had to sleep outside and she is deeply unimpressed. For the last few days she has… Continue Reading “Summer Quarters”

The one

We have watched Nanny Boo for a year now, raise Marmalade, then help her raise her six kittens. And this shot says it all.  This surely is the penultimate image of Nanny Boo aka The Dog-Father and his brood.  I had to stand on a chair… Continue Reading “The one”