Mirror, Mirror

On the Wall.  Who is the peahen of them all?

Vanity thy name is Geraldine.geraldine- peahen

Now that the peahens are out they all spend a considerable amount of time in the garage looking at themselves  in the mirror and they do preen too!


Not everyone is impressed.

Aunty Anna

Aunty Anna and Naomi across the way. Two beautiful heifers.

Aunty Anna and Naomi


My Home Farm herd yesterday afternoon.

Lady Astor and bobby T

Fencing commences today.

I hope you have a lovely day. We will have a hard work one.

Love celi



27 Comments on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. Bon courage as they say in France. Wish I was closer and could drop off treats and dinner.

  2. The white rooster makes me think of a body builder. Maybe I will call him Mr T or Arnold! Those are some impressive drumsticks!

    Birds who see their reflection can be fun to watch. The wild turkeys here at work will get all puffed up at the reflective mirrors. One addled himself running into it a few months back. There was this loud thump so I looked out and there he was walking very drunk away from the window. I am on the 2nd floor – I can’t imagine what it must have sounded like for the person sitting at the window downstairs.

    • A couple summers ago we had a robin attacking his reflection in the side mirror of my daughter’s car – and unfortunately leaving many many deposits down the side of the door. We finally had to hang a crow decoy from the mirrors every time she parked in the drive to keep him away!

  3. I hope Lady A’s supplies are at full strength today, and that you and your fencing team are also at full strength. I’d like to be Kitchen Mama for you and have a huge pot of something delicious waiting for you all when you come in tired and hungry.

  4. Will it be more electric fences, or some of those you need the post hole digger, fence posts and rolls of fencing? The temperature is very hot down here this week, so I’m guessing it’s the same up there with you! Thank goodness we got rain yesterday!

  5. Wish I was out in the warm sunshine hammering in nails, conversing with the cows. Cold and raining here. Laura

    • I got hot at one point and went into the barn and laid down with Poppy – it was great until the boar came thundering in to see what we were up to. c

  6. A strange place to have a mirror – is it to check that your slip isn’t showing, before getting in the car?

    And now I must make a big pot of something – my second cousin and his wife have landed at Cherbourg and should be here within the next hour.
    See you tomorrow.
    ViV xox

  7. Very nice pictures. Geraldine has wintered well. All your animals look quite content. Good luck with fencing. “Muscle in the Arm” as the song goes.

  8. WordPress at it again. Comment gone. Like the pictures. All the animals look content. Good luck with the fencing. Brings to mind the song “Muscle in the Arm”.

  9. Gosh Geraldine has grown up! And I had forgotten about Auntie Anna! Guess I’m slipping. All of your creatures are so very healthy, sleek, and beautiful. Hope Poppy is gradually able to return to her winsome self!

  10. I think I’m gonna make giant cut-outs of your cows and put them, grazing, outside my windows. They fill me with a sense of peace. Like ships, passing peacefully in still waters.

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