Hit in the head by a summer day.

Summer has finally hit.

Manu - Hereford Boar

We were in the high 90’s (mid 30’s C) and even though this was officially a day off for my crew they were out there filling wallows and water troughs and watering new plants.  Making sure all the animals did not come under stress from the heat.

Manu had no problem at all with wandering about his new field and Poppy was sighted about 6 steps through the gate, and after her unfortunate altercation with the electric fence –  this is an advance. hereford gilt

I think this is Molly – but I am not that sure to tell the truth. The heat was being thrown about by a strong hot wind and so we all dried out fairly fast yesterday.  And a pig coming up out of her wallow turned into an instant dried up mud pack.

Aunty Del

Do you remember how Aunty Del used to drink from Lady Astor when she was a calf and then as a yearling resulting in her spending all winter with Carlos the Tiny (Dexter Bull)? Well she is at it again, I think. Lady Astor came in to be milked yesterday evening after a day in the fields with Aunty with two quarters totally stripped and very elongated teats. And Del has the history and was at the scene of the crime. So if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it is probably a duck.  So Del is once again out with the steers.  No more hanging out with Lady. She certainly is the problem child.  Having two milk cows who cannot be in the same field is a bit of a nuisance.

I will think on it but there is a possibility that Aunty may have to be sold. If that happens she will be sold as a trained House Cow. So I will train her to be milked first. That is if all goes well with her calving etc, of course. Then she will be sold to a small farm who needs a house cow. I have a little list of people who have approached me for a milking cow.

lady astor

It will be hot again today. But there you are – it IS summer and I will not complain about the heat after living through Illinois winters.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi


34 Comments on “Hit in the head by a summer day.

  1. Interesting. I find that with the goats sometimes. The only thing that changes that behavior is having kids of their own. So will you be milking Naomi and/or Txiki in the future?

  2. Pigs are not the only ones to get caked with mud from a wallow. We waded in them as kids up to our knees. Several trips in and out of the wallow over the course of an hour or two gave a thick durable coating to the legs. You know, farm kids have the best resistance to disease and ailments because our immunities were built up by such fun. Today, kids lead a life too clean.

    • I think you’re right! I told my John we should rent out our place to people with new babies so they can be exposed to all kinds of farm dirt and animal dander and even 130 year old dust from the log walls! My grandma always said you had to eat a peck of dirt before you died.

  3. Someone needs to have a long talk with Aunty Del and help her find a new milk source or admonish her to put her childish behavior to rest and be a Grown Up Cow. I would hate to see her leave the farm.

    • I need to sell some cows to support the other cows. Naomi will eventually be sold as a milking House Cow too, and any other daughters – it is my objective after all.

  4. Aunty Del grows up and moves away. Not a bad new chapter in her story, especially since you know who would have her and maybe, they’d send a picture now and then. Wallowing in the Manitoba gumbo would result in a walking anonymous block, but anything to keep cool. We have to enjoy all the non snow days we have. Pouring buckets here today, and lots of standing water in the fields. Enjoy!

  5. I am surprised Lady A allows Aunty Del to drink. It is a freezing 15C/59F here today, we have had a very mild winter so far and no frost yet. As with all the farmy inhabitants I will be very sad to see Aunty Del move on. Laura

  6. What a sadness if she has to go. We shall have to see if she stops doing it once she’s producing her own milk. But I can’t remember if Bobby T is still in with Lady A. Could he have got a bit of a thirst on?

    • No. This was during the daytime when Bobby T is locked in the barn. However I intend to sell milking cows so she will just be the first to go. I can’t keep them all!

      • So part of your objective as a lady farmer is to sell well trained house cows? And you already have a short list of families interested in purchasing a milk cow from you? Hmmm. Interesting idea. Do you mind me asking how much a well trained milk cow might go for in your area?

        • I am still working on that – a couple of thousand at least I would think – maybe 2.5. With calf at heel – more. But if it is a heifer I will keep the calf.

      • Fair enough. I was just mentally designing Lady A an udder bag, to keep Aunty Del off and the udder clean… She probably wouldn’t tolerate it; she’s a lady of decided opinions!

  7. Cows that drink each others milk. That is a thing I had not considered. But if they know where the good sweet stuff is kept, it’s not surprising. Perhaps it’s more surprising that it doesn’t happen more often.

  8. If I were there in that heat I would be very poorly! I don’t like cold and can’t support heat – a stupid combination. We will miss naughty Aunty Del but we can’t have her stealing milk.
    I hope your summer stays, but within reason!
    ViV xox

  9. One of my sheep is a self-milker. I always worry that her lambs get enough colostrum, but she’s raised two sets of twins with no problems.

  10. What about a collar like Vets put on dogs who lick them selves silly? Perhaps a design school could be commissioned for the most amusing design! Extra points to the collar that is most comfortable to Aunty, of course. 😉

  11. Better not let Aunty read that book about self-milking–she doesn’t need any encouragement! 😉

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