Hopefully today will be calmer. I still have a couple of teenagers and their baby staying for another week or so.  But the Frenchmen and I are hoping for a calmer day today. Something nice and ordinary would do the trick.

We got all the hay in yesterday morning. Stacked up into the barn working hard to beat the rain that never came.

Here is yesterday in pictures. Then I am up and onto it. bobby t



I have the second wave of meat chickens arriving today or tomorrow morning. The Post Office will call me. Today we are back into the neglected gardens that need water. And I am pickling beetroot. I love eating beetroot in the winter.


I hope you have a lovely day.


55 Comments on “Calmer

  1. Your calves have to be some of the cutest creatures on earth.
    Congrats on the hay, as well as your successful farm-to-table soiree!

  2. Your cows are all so beautiful. Carlos the Willing and almost Able is beautiful too, but in a masculine, ancient Greek sort of way (lots of curls, big muscles, thick neck…) 🙂 Lovely, lovely Talia – she looks like a red deer fawn with her big ears and huge dark eyes. Have a calmer, less scattered day.

  3. Your calves have to be some of the cutest animals on the planet.
    Congrats on getting the hay in, as well as your farm-to-table soirée!

  4. Beautiful, charming creatures & hollyhocks & photos. Give yourself a big pat on the back, Celi. You got the hay in the barn, the guests fed with homegrown food & all your friends online delighted & in awe. Brava!

  5. Bobby T and Talia are gorgeous and growing so quickly. Laura

  6. Beet root – DO NOT TRASH the greens or give them to the pigs….. Wash and cook them like you would spinach or other greens. They are a real treat. Little green flavor like any green but the beet flavor is there too! WHAT a treat they are….

      • Oh good! We had a small hole in the wall that served braised beets with stewed green occasionally and I had the owner texting me whenever they had them.

  7. We have a feel of fall in the air, in the mornings. Cool enough I have to shut some of the windows. Rather odd for July.


  8. I second the beet green opinion. Delicious with lemon or vinegar and a dab of butter. Beautiful pics, especially of the calves, but even the plonkers looks quite elegant in their wallow. Enjoy your calm day.

  9. I would send a little of our rain your way if I could. We have been putting up wet hay all week. Mother Nature is funny. We are 5 inches shy of our annual rainfall to date but have had just enough in the pop up thunder storms this week to put a damper on baling. On the other hand, the pastures look great for the cows and I have had to spend more time pulling weeds than watering the gardens. I hope you get some calm and some rain soon. 🙂

  10. I just went outside to move the water sprinkler only to find that it was raining. Never fails! Glad you got the hay in. That’s one less thing to worry about – until next time. The sun has returned and it’s shining brightly. Here comes the humidity! Stay cool, Celi. 🙂

  11. Lovely pictures! I love beets. I put some up earlier in the summer. Need to do it again to have them around in winter. Funny how fast canned beets fly off the shelf. 🙂

  12. I agree with Kate, your little red calf is very reminiscent of a fawn, so beautiful. Good news to get the hay all in, now let’s have some rain. We really need it too, And it’s so hot here, predicted to be 30 to 33 and with the humidex figured in will feel like mid- to high-30’s. Ugh! So I expect you’re also getting hotter than wished for temperatures. How do all the animals fare in the heat, with fur and feather coats on? Almost too much here. Hope you can find a little respite from it all. Have a great day! ~ Mame 🙂

  13. I love that last picture!! She’s so adorably small! Looking at the outside world with a little trepidation. Aren’t we all so small and vulnerable compared with the big wide world…

  14. An empty hay wagon has to bring a good feeling. In an earlier photo I was wondering if it was the serving table for your big party. Either way, empty is good.

  15. The amount of work, organisation and just stuff you get through… and great pics. I love your Instragram pics… and Instagram… so, errr, instant.

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