Severe Storms Hit


The storm hit in the early evening and was a bad one. We had had a hot gently busy day. Everyone was surprised at the sudden change. From calm and hot to massive winds and torrential rain. It hit fast. I had no warning because I was driving so I did not hear it coming. I had just returned from the other farm when the first wave smashed through the farm, so Boo and I literally rode it out in the truck. We were parked out by the barn.  So we I could see everything. The truck was rocking so violently at one point that I put my head down on the seat,  I felt a little bit scared in a delicious kind of way and I am never scared.  But I have to admit that I loved it.  Something in storms makes me want to shout to the sky, just put my head back and scream out with delight. Especially when I am alone.  DSC_0908 pigs

Once the winds had died down to just gale force I left the truck and pulled Boo through blinding torrential rain to the house. I was completely drenched within seconds. Of course the house was full of water as I had all the doors and windows open when I walked out to do the chores.  I only decided to come in because I was afraid someone would come looking for me which would put them in danger, plus deep down I could not bear to be “rescued”. This element is my element. I am in my element when I pit myself against a storm.  Storms make me feel strong. And this one was a doozy. I was close to being happy caught out in it.

The only thing I regret is having no camera or phone in the truck – typical that this would be the day I didn’t!  I could have taken Instagram by STORM!! Little joke. pigs

Boo was so terrified that he was shattered for hours afterward, trying to climb into cupboards, and hide under the stairs then he would realise he could not see me and he would pour his body along the floor towards my  ankle again. aunty del

The garden is flattened, sweetcorn on the ground, tomatoes on the ground – still in their cages – everything is horizontal and pounded with mud.  Most everything will survive though the garden is no longer pretty. The old apple tree has fallen which is probably the biggest loss. However I have not walked the whole property yet – in the aftermath of the storm I picked little red tomatoes and basil and a couple of zuchinni and made dinner – (life just carried on) afterwards we stood and watched the extraordinary sunset then we played the dishwashing game,  (I set the alarm for 4 minutes and 36 seconds and we do dishes as fast as we can until the alarm goes off then we walk out of the kitchen – it is amazing what you can achieve in five minutes if you set your mind to it).  Later we sat on the wooden floor and five of us played bananagram until late.


Do you remember that story of the boy who cried wolf? Well I had become a little like that with the weather.   We had watched storm after storm go past and so it came as a surprise when we got hit. Even the two heavily pregnant pigs were out in the field – I watched them from the truck – they were grazing then suddenly realised this was not just a rain shower and they took off running for the barn, their fat heads bobbing up and down as they ran. The cows just planted their feet, turned their backs and waited it out. I loved being out in it watching their behaviour.

It was interesting that I was the opposite of a cow and turned my body in the seat of the truck so I could look into the storm through the back window, no way was I going to turn my back on it. I have to admit that I was excited to be caught out inside the storm but sheltered, watching branches fly past, between times when I could not see out the windows at all there was so much rain and it was so dark and so loud and furious, the truck’s movement matching the fury of the storm.  I was full of the thrill of the storm sitting out there alone. It was ferocious but this morning the dawn has arrived, the roosters are still crowing and the cows are out in the field.   Everything is laying about calmly drenched. All is forgiven. And we begin again.

I don’t know how much rain we got but it was a lot. sunset

So much for my ordinary day.


Camera House and I will inspect the damage after the milking.

Have a lovely day.


41 Comments on “Severe Storms Hit

  1. I love a good storm, too. Our bad weather came on Monday — lots and LOTS of rain! Many of the roads around here were flooded the day after (the sheriff’s department has called for a voluntary evacuation of the town to the north of us, due to concerns over their dam), and we woke to an extra lake in our hay field. Good thing it had been cut and baled the week before! So much standing water everywhere, and then, half a day later, it had all gone back to wherever it should have been.

  2. Yikes. I got stuck in one of those on the road home years ago, had to pull over. I remember mopping up the coop after a rain storm. Lots of towels to wash, I’m sure! Poor Booboo. Hope no one gets sucked into the mud and loses a boot. Ha

  3. So much for calmer…
    As I write, our temperature has plummeted, rain is scouring the steel roof and gurgling loudly down the gutters, the flood channel out the front is raging with brown water, and the strong wind is making our whirlybirds on the roof clank and whir like a passing train. Our farmers are gnashing their teeth because half the cane will be lodged and harder to harvest. A bit like your vegie garden 🙂

  4. We are in Cincinnati at the moment and when we saw the weather forecast last night I was thinking of you. I’m so glad you and all are safe. xx

  5. I hope the vegetables are OK – I would love to have seen the pigs running for the barn. What an amazing sunset afterwards! 🙂

  6. I had no idea my favourite game Scrabble has been replaced by Bananagram, and in 2006. I love storms too and am still so jealous of all the rain everyone is getting, even OZ. Hope the damage to the farmy crops is minimal. Laura

  7. Well Dorothy, sounds like it was a perfect storm! Hope your damage assessment shows nothing major. Poor Boo must have been so bewildered, instinct telling him to hide from the storm and there you were in a liferaft in the middle of it, having fun! Fingers crossed for your garden.

  8. My approach to storms does not match yours. And that’s a good thing as I would have been frantic stuck in that truck. About five years ago my husband, son, mom and I were caught in a raging storm along a rural Minnesota highway. The car rocked in the furious wind. Roadside grass flattened. Lightning flashed. I’ve never been so scared.

    I hope the damage to buildings is minimal. Crop damage already sounds quite severe.

    We’ve weathered some bad storms (including tornadoes and flooding) here in Minnesota this week. Those were in central Minnesota, so not near my home.

    • I’m with you, I used to like storms until a tornado went through. I was on the way home and heard a touch down had occurred on hwy 18 near road G. I lived on 18 1/2 mile from G! Turns out it came across the field back of the house, lifted up, crossed the road, set down and headed east where it caught a woman running for shelter and killed her. I don’t like storms any more.

  9. I love a good storm. Sheets of rain orchestrated by thunder, punctuated by lightning and celebrated by tall trees madly dancing in the wind. The absolute unbelievable beauty and color of the dramatic skies that often come before and after the storm are what my dreams are made of. As long as it stays one step away from a nightmare, I love a good storm.

  10. You’re either really brave or really dumb… hahahahaha Sorry, but I am terrified of storms like that…. scared stiff. I enjoy little baby storms but it sounds to me like yours was the edge of a tornado and that’s scary stuff. Boo has the right idea. All the damage sounds sad, and hope your vegetable gardens are all capable of recovering. That would be a disaster to lose them so early in the season. Just glad to hear you’re all safe. Spectacular sunset afterwards. Hope you have a lovely day too. ~ Mame 🙂

  11. Celi, first of all glad to hear you and the animals are ok. Like you, I L O V E a good old storm (especially when I am safely sheltered somewhere) and we do get quite a few here, too. Tropical storms are always much more severe and noisier than back in Europe. Also thunder and lightening dont bother me too much. I so much like your photographs taken ?? the next day ?? The lighting is just incredible.

  12. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat in storms and the dogs hate them. Glad the garden is going to recover and that you all came through it safely.

  13. I love a good storm. Sheets of rain orchestrated by thunder, punctuated by lightning and celebrated by trees madly dancing in the wind. The absolute unbelievable beauty and color of the dramatic skies that often come before and after the storm are what my dreams are made of. As long as it stays one step away from a nightmare, I love a good storm.

  14. So much energy in a good storm. My sister had shared a picture of an impressive cloud front and I’d wondered if I’d see it again here. I’m glad you were out in it.

  15. I seem to embrace storms and feel a kind of excitement and inner charge from the ferociousness of it all. But I do not like the damage… the aftermath. That is quite sobering and not exhilarating at all!

  16. I love storms too! I’m sorry about your old apple tree though. As always, I love the pictures!

  17. Oh Wow C…those photos of the skies and your description of that storm are just mesmerizing! I would of given anything to have seen that too! Beautiful but so glad it did not turn tornado like!
    I wish I could water pigs instead of plants! 🙂

  18. Glad you weathered the storm. We had the same gusts up here, everything turning black and so, so windy . . . then a funny green. Funny green worries me more than wind. Funny green often sets up tornado warning, but, there were none, and all is well. Now, I need to set the timer . . .

  19. We were spared here in Chicago, but I had no idea you were experiencing such savagery. Out there, no protection! Just wether all around. I’m sorry for Boo!

  20. Love your sunset shot! I have been caught in a rocking and rolling vehicle in a storm one summer and the hail was so bad my little Subaru showed the pock marks forever more! It was scary but thrilling as well, I agree about that! Hope Boo recuperates soon.

  21. We got some rain and some thunder and lightning, but over all it wasn’t much of a storm. Did get a couple photos of the rainbow afterwards and everything bathed in a golden glow. I’ve been out driving in some pretty powerful storms over the years, only had to pull over once because the rain was so heavy it was impossible to see. I love a good storm too, as long as I’m inside or in a vehicle. Poor Boo, I had Smoky trying to become part of the floor and shaking like mad then ending up crouching partly behind the toilet with his tags vibrating on the water supply pipe. Hope the damage is minimal, sad about the apple tree.

  22. wow- what a time to NOT have your camera! Glad no one got hurt and I sure hope all the veggies will survive! You are quite the woman! Hats off to you!

  23. I couldn’t help thinking how much Our Viv would have enjoyed this telling. I like to think she was there, with you, laughing as the rain poured down and whispering a soft “goodbye” while you captured the golden skies for us.

  24. Bananagram is a fun pastime. I hope Boo has recovered. That must have been some storm. I also thought of you when I watched The Weather Channel forecast.

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