Not too Bad

Other than a few trees down including the beloved old cooking apple tree, and a young maple most of the damage from the storm was from flying branches and debris. And not too bad. The cows are very clean! The gardens will be ok but the corn and sunflowers will never be the same again. The interesting part is that the doors on the barn no longer shut the way they should. So I assume this means that the barn has actually moved across a good half an inch. That is pretty scary.  I am not sure what I am going to do actually.  But I have barn gates knocking against walls instead of latching in their proper places.
apple tree

The last batch of meat chickens has arrived, and with a few cold nights ahead they have been moved into the glasshouse until after the weekend. They are strong and sprightly – a good group. These are the Red Rangers, a slower growing bird so they will be here growing on the grass and milk and some local grain  and be around for at least a couple of months.


In all the caffufle I forgot to show you the images of the new storeroom. I took out the back wall of the tiny pantry effectively joining the kitchen to an old small dark back bedroom. it is the perfect store room. The first image is from the store-room looking into the kitchen and the second one from the kitchen into the store-room. You can see the new strip of floor, this is where the wall once was.


As luck would have it we were able to expose part of the old chimney which adds charm to a practical renovation.
the other way

Molly and Tahiti were in a leaning mood yesterday, and as I cleaned their  rooms and changed their bedding to wood chips (so they get used to it before farrowing time) they kept creeping closer and closer lowering their heads then resting their weight onto my legs. For the first time today I definitely felt Tahiti’s babies which was a relief. Molly’s piglets are so busy you can actually see her belly ripple.  I hope they last until the first week of August when my pig lady is back in town.  They are really looking large now and I am still worried about Tahiti – she is not right – though I cannot point to why I feel this. But her colour is not right and she sleeps more than Molly.

This is Molly in low light – in bed early. molly - hereford gilt

I have begun to use instagram more and more . I am loving the instantness of it.  So if there is breaking news on the Farmy front this is where it will be first. My moniker on there is cecilia_bwg (My daughter made me change it from my full name and taught me about Hashing my Tags at the same time I am SO HIP – oh – oops Hip is not a current term but I am onto it!!).  So if you are an Instagram baby then come find me.  Though I think the Camera House images are better here on the blog, at least in my humble opinion, but it is fun to be able to pass on the camera shots to you. Until now I have had all kinds of trouble importing images from my Iphone to the PC – there are just too many steps. My phone is pretty ordinary with a pretty ordinary camera but sometimes it captures little gems throughout the day and of course video as well.


I hope you have a lovely day, it is TidAy Friday today and then we are still working on the clean up from the storm, picking all the downed sunflowers out of the vege garden and feeding them to the cows and pigs, same with all the apples on the ground, branches and mowing, mowing, mowing.

Love celi


45 Comments on “Not too Bad

  1. Kitchen renovation looks great. My Tiday Friday complete. Laura

  2. It’s so sad to lose a tree, we lost two big trees after a big storm a few years ago and I cried. But we can always plant new ones!
    I hope Tahiti is ok. Have a great tidy Friday and I will look for you on instagram, I love it, it’s a great way to keep in touch with my kids. ☺️

  3. I love the pass through! And the color of the walls in your kitchen are one of my favorites. My first home was yellow siding and I filled the interior with blue and yellow. I now have a deep ORANGE room with white everything else in it. It is my inspiration – craft – Pat’s room. I’m slowly updating the rest of the house too, but I’m thinking I need a YELLOW room again…. Maybe the guest room that is next to the Orange Room…. Add some ZING to the front of the house.

    • My kitcen is the same colour as Celi’s… so I agree, you do need a yellow room, although I love the image of the orange.

  4. Great new storeroom – I wish I had one! Fingers crossed for Tahiti – I hope everything will be OK 🙂

  5. I’m nowhere near as busy as you and don’t seem to find as much time in a day to half as much as you do. I have instagram but don’t get around to using it often.
    Have a beautiful day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  6. The order in your new store room makes me a little ashamed of the mess in my much larger but much, much messier store room. It’s not food storage, but all the same…
    I think you should trust your instinct about Tahiti. You know your animals, and if she doesn’t seem right, then she may not be. I hope all will be well, but I know you’ll be taking extra care. I’m so glad the Farmy has survived without major structural damage, and I hope the barn continues to stand at least as long as it has already stood so far.

  7. The new storeroom renovation looks fabulous! So wonderful to have more kitchen and storage space!!! We just got our new chicks, who will become our laying hens, Barred Rocks, yesterday. They are both laying and meat chickens. Our hens now have become aged, and are not laying nearly as many eggs as last year. They are two to three years old. So they will be harvested as soon as the new hens begin laying. Harvesting the chickens is one of my least favorite tasks on the farm, but it is wonderful to have them in the freezer ready for winter meals. Hope all is well with Tahiti. Perhaps she just needs a bit more rest. She may have more piglets in there than Molly does.

  8. Love your chicks! I toured Hoover’s Hatchery in Rudd, Iowa and a lot of their chicks find their way to places I never would have dreamed. I even found out the ones I saw at the Tractor Supply Company here in Brevard, NC came from them. So of course I wondered if your Red Rangers originated in Iowa. 🙂

  9. Oh yay I just found and followed you on Instagram! (I think I may have followed a couple other Cecilias in an effort to find you.) I love Instagram and had a feeling you would, too. I’m so glad there wasn’t too much damage. But a storm moving the barn a half inch? Wow.

    • Instagram has suddenly got me by the left foot and I am having to Hold Back! It is a perfect balance to a daily blog. Especially the video aspect! You were right – I DO love it.. c

  10. Storeroom looks great. Having a busy day here preparing the guest house for our first guests arriving tomorrow then luckily booked for 6 weeks. Lots of cleaning for me. But a good job to do and reflect on the world and the horror in Nice last night.

  11. Lovely to have an easier way to access the store room, and your yellow is one of my favorite colors. I have been plotting to paint our upstairs bathroom a bright yellow, but I need to repaint the ceiling first. I am glad to hear that you are feeling Tahiti’s little ones now. I agree with Kate, if your intuition is telling you something is not right, it probably isn’t. Good luck, I know you will be watching closely. The only problem I ever had with our feeder pigs was that we had an outbreak of Erysipelas one year, and the breeder I got them from had never seen it or had it on her farm. Hope your pig lady is on hand soon!

    • I have lived in a lot of different houses and I always (without much thought) painted at least one of the rooms yellow but getting the RIGHT yellow is actually harder than it looks. You have to put some into the room and look at it for a few days – yellow can easily go bad.. c

      • I just LOVE a yellow kitchen! So cheery. Much love, Your Gayle

  12. Sorry to hear of your storm damage, those storms sure come up quick and fast. We just took two giant trees down a month ago because if/when we get our next storm like that I didn’t want them to fall on our house (they were so close) or worse yet a dear neighbors home.
    Love the storage room, for the past couple of years we’ve been heavy into getting rid of stuff and reorganizing, it’s amazing how good it feels.
    Best of luck with Tahiti and her little babies, I will keep them both in my thoughts.

  13. I’m so sorry about the apple tree. Trees are such a hard loss. Especially a fruit tree.
    I’m looking forward to piglets!

  14. I’m worried about Tahiti too. As the others have said when you sense somethings wrong you re usually right. Hope pig lady can help. I’m so sorry about sunflowers. Their sweet faces are so cheering to see them beaten down is the pits.
    I don’t have any idea what Instagram is or how it works Better get hip !

  15. Tahiti! Very worrisome, especially when you say her color isn’t right. I hope pig lady comes back sooner than expected. oh how I hope Tahiti is okay after all.

    Great variety of pictures–the kitchen pantry combo and the fireplace touch . Love it. Sad photo of the apple tree. I hate that.
    I don’t know Instagrams at all. Not hip. (I still use too.)

  16. Oh C. I love that last beautiful photo of your Farmy! Those big, wide open skies you see are so dramatic! Love your new storeroom and hoping too that Tahiti will be ok! Maybe pregnancy just doesn’t agree with her…like a lot of women I’ve known! 🙂

  17. so sorry about your apple tree-what a shame. BUT it could have been a lot worse- and your pantry is stellar! And the brick is brilliant! Lovely space! Have a great weekend and I sure hope Tahiti and babes will be ok.

  18. Having a farm. wow…so much to consider, especially with the animals. Hope Tahiti is moving toward normal. The meat chicken have a couple of month…again keeping a farm in balance is an amazing adventure…Red Ranger..neat name.

  19. SO sorry for your damage. But it sounds as if, in perfect farmer mode, you have MOVED ON. Taking stock. Grateful for the positives. I saw you on Instagram this morning…so I’m right there with you. Happy about your piggies.

  20. your pictures are very good, clear and sharp. The barn moved! What is up with our weather? It seems like nature is raging. We hear about it everywhere. Is this normal for you…? 100 year storm or something? I don’t subscribe to global warming but something is happening! Here we had el Nino, but it is done and now a cooler summer. Last year we had a terrible fire- worst in our history- burnrned all around us and destroyed over 500 houses. Out there is a disaster zone. Oh the terror of the Lord. But to those who love Him a lamb.

  21. Hope your present young Frenchmen enjoy mowing as much as Hugo did. It will get done faster if they do! He did love the mower.

  22. I’m so glad you only lost a few trees. When I see storms like that, it scares the bejezzus out of me. I was so happy yesterday when I read you made it through but I couldn’t bring myself to comment. I’ve been through a few of those. I’m with Kate. I was going to say the same thing. Trust your instincts on Tahiti. You have a lot to deal with at once. We are all keeping good thoughts for you and loving the new pantry.

  23. I’m trying to use Instagram more. It’s really difficult to get into it. Teaching an old dog new tricks!

  24. I love the kitchen renovation, you have been busy getting everything back in place. I love yellow, like you it has to be of a particular tone for me to live with, no acid but more a softer custard hits the right note. I join others in hoping all goes well for Tahiti, she could not have a better minder at this stage. Fingers crossed.

  25. Please refrain from naming the totally adorable meat chickens. It just makes it harder when the time…you know.

    Also dianeandjack’s comment about chickens in the freezer reminded me of a joke. Man has a parrot which spouts vile words. He threatens the parrot with the freezer. Parrot continues vile spouting. Man puts parrot in freezer for 10 minutes. When he gets the parrot out, parrot asks, “What did the chicken say?” Chortle-chortle. Much love, Your giggling Gayle

    p.s. And YES, YES, YES you are hip. As am I. Hipsters, us’n.

  26. Your barn moves… our house moves… at their ages that’s what they do. The G.O. adjusts things if he can, and then we live with it. Insta = fun ♡

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